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  2. Empress Elisabeth of Austria was a tragic beauty queen - History

    Elisabeth grew up in Bavaria, a wealthy Catholic kingdom that is now the largest state in Germany. She was the fourth of 10 children born to Duke Maximilian Joseph of Bavaria and Princess...

  3. Ludovika married Maximilian Joseph, Duke in Bavaria, whose father Duke Pius August in Bavaria was her cousin, on September 9, 1828 in Tegernsee. A Bavarian princess, later countess, she was the sixth child of King Maximilian I of Bavaria and his second wife, Karoline of Baden.

  4. Biography of Empress Elisabeth of Austria - ThoughtCo

    Empress Elisabeth (born Elisabeth of Bavaria; December 24, 1837 – September 10, 1898) was one of the most famous royal women in European history. Famed for her great beauty, she was also a diplomat who oversaw the unification of Austria and Hungary. She holds the title of the longest-serving Empress of Austria in history.

  5. Princess Ludovika of Bavaria - Royalpedia

    Princess Ludovika of Bavaria ( Marie Ludovika Wilhelmine; 30 August 1808 – 25 January 1892) was the sixth child of King Maximilian I Joseph of Bavaria and his second wife, Karoline of Baden, and mother of Empress Elisabeth of Austria. Contents 1 Marriage 2 Issue 3 Titles and styles 4 Honours Marriage [ edit]

  6. Ludovika of Bavaria – The unhappy Duchess (Part two)

    On 13 November 1841, Caroline died surrounded by her family. Once again, Ludovika’s husband was nowhere to be found when she needed him. In 1843, Ludovika found herself pregnant once more. On 30 September 1843, Ludovika gave birth to a daughter named Mathilde Ludovika. Ludovika’s eighth pregnancy ended in the stillbirth of a son on 8 ...

  7. Princess Ludovika of Bavaria Wiki - Everipedia

    Princess Ludovika of Bavaria (Marie Ludovika Wilhelmine; Mary Louise Wilhelmina; 30 August 1808 – 25 January 1892) was the sixth child of King Maximilian I Joseph of Bavaria and his second wife, Karoline of Baden, and the mother of Empress Elisabeth of Austria. She was born and died in Munich.

  8. Helene in Bavaria: The Sidelined Sister – The Royal Women

    Helene Caroline Therese was born on April 4th, 1834, in Munich, Bavaria. She was the eldest daughter and second surviving child of Maximilian Joseph, Duke in Bavaria, and his wife, Princess Ludovika of Bavaria. Helene was known as Néné by her family. She did not have the same sort of childhood as her younger sister, Elisabeth.

  9. Princess Ludovika of Bavaria Even though we tend to think of Elisabeth as literally the most beautiful woman who ever lived, her mother didn’t think so. As she grew, her mother was proved wrong. Along with being extremely pretty, Elisabeth was also 5’8″, an incredibly tall woman for the time.

  10. Ludovika de Bavaria - Wikipedia

    Mathilde Ludovika, Ducesă în Bavaria ( 30 septembrie - 18 iunie 1925 (81 de ani) ); căsătorită cu Lodovico, Conte de Trani, fiu al regelui Ferdinand al II-lea al celor Două Sicilii, fratele vitreg al lui Francisc al III-lea al celor Două Sicilii, a avut copii.

  11. Princess Marie Louise of Orléans (1896–1973) - Wikipedia

    Princess Victoria of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha: 2. Prince Emmanuel, Duke of Vendôme: 10. Duke Maximilian Joseph in Bavaria: 5. Duchess Sophie Charlotte in Bavaria: 11. Princess Ludovika of Bavaria: 1. Princess Marie Louise of Orléans: 12. Leopold I of Belgium: 6. Prince Philippe, Count of Flanders: 13. Princess Louise of Orléans: 3. Princess ...