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  2. Ramon Berenguer IV, Count of Barcelona - Wikipedia,_Count...

    Death Ramon Berenguer IV died on 6 August 1162 in Borgo San Dalmazzo, Piedmont, Italy. He was succeeded by Petronilla and then by his eldest surviving son, Ramon Berenguer, who also inherited the Kingdom of Aragon upon Petronilla's abdication in 1164. He changed his name to Alfonso as a nod to his Aragonese lineage, and became Alfonso II of Aragon.

  3. Ramon Berenguer IV "the Saint" count of Barcelona -

    Ramon Berenguer IV (Catalan pronunciation: [r%C9%99%CB%88mom bəɾəŋˈɡe]; c. 1114 [1] – 6 August 1162, Anglicized Raymond Berengar IV), sometimes called the Saint, was the Count of Barcelona who brought about the union of his County of Barcelona with the Kingdom of Aragon to form the Crown of Aragon. Early reign

  4. Ramon Berenguer IV | Count of Barcelona, Count of Provence ...

    Ramon Berenguer IV, (born c. 1113—died Aug. 6, 1162, Borgo San Dalmazzo, Piedmont [Italy]), count of Barcelona from 1131 to 1162, regent of Provence from 1144 to 1157, and ruling prince of Aragon from 1137 to 1162. The elder son of Ramon Berenguer III, he continued his father’s crusading wars against the Almoravid Muslims.

  5. Count of Barcelona - Wikipedia

    Tomb of Count Ramon Berenger I (d. 1076). Jiménez dynasty, 1162–1164 The succession of Ramon Berenguer IV and Petronilla led to the creation of the Crown of Aragon . House of Barcelona, 1164–1410 House of Trastamara 1412-1462 Martin died without legitimate descendants ( interregnum 31 May 1410 – 24 June 1412).

  6. Ramon Berenguer III, Count of Barcelona - Wikipedia,_Count...

    Ramon Berenguer III the Great (11 November 1082 – 23 January or 19 July 1131) was the count of Barcelona, Girona, and Ausona from 1086 (jointly with Berenguer Ramon II and solely from 1097), Besalú from 1111, Cerdanya from 1117, and count of Provence in the Holy Roman Empire, from 1112, all until his death in Barcelona in 1131.

  7. County of Barcelona - Wikipedia

    The County of Barcelona ( Latin: Comitatus Barcinonensis, Catalan: Comtat de Barcelona) was a polity in northeastern Iberian Peninsula, originally located in the southern frontier region of the Carolingian Empire.

  8. Ramon Berenguer I, Count of Barcelona - Wikipedia,_Count...

    Ramon Berenguer I (1023 – 26 May 1076), called the Old ( Catalan: el Vell, French: le Vieux ), was Count of Barcelona in 1035–1076. He promulgated the earliest versions of a written code of Catalan law, the Usages of Barcelona . Born in 1024, he succeeded his father, Berenguer Ramon I the Crooked in 1035. [2]

  9. Ramon Berenguer I | Count of Barcelona, Catalonia, Reconquista

    Ramon Berenguer I, (born 1023/24—died May 26, 1076, Barcelona? [Spain]), count of Barcelona from 1035 to 1076. His father, Berenguer Ramon I (reigned 1018–35), divided and bequeathed his lands among his three sons. However, Sanç (or Sancho) in 1049 and Guillem (or William) in 1054 renounced their inheritances in their eldest brother’s ...