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  2. Rhine - Wikipedia

    The Rhine is one of the major European rivers. The river begins in the Swiss canton of Graubünden in the southeastern Swiss Alps. It forms part of the Swiss-Liechtenstein, Swiss-Austrian, and Swiss-German borders.

  3. Rhine River, German Rhein, French Rhin, Dutch Rijn, Celtic Renos, Latin Rhenus, river and waterway of western Europe, culturally and historically one of the great rivers of the continent and among the most important arteries of industrial transport in the world.

  4. Rhine River - WorldAtlas

    The Rhine River is Europe’s 12th longest river and the longest in Western and Central Europe, covering a distance of 1,230 kilometers from its source in Switzerland to its mouth in the Netherlands. It discharges an average of 2,900 cubic meters of water per second and a maximum of 13,000 cubic meters per second.

  5. Rhine River - History | Britannica

    History of the Rhine River The effects of rivers on the regions through which they flow tend to alternate between trends toward unifying the regions culturally and politically and making a political boundary of the river. Of this phenomenon the Rhine is a classic example.

  6. Rhine River - Geography

    Rhine River WITH A TOTAL LENGTH of 820 mi (1,320 km) flowing through SWITZERLAND, GERMANY, and the NETHERLANDS, the Rhine is the longest river in Germany and probably the most important waterway of western Europe. The Vorderhein, Hinterrhein, and Alpenrhein are the sources of the river within Switzerland.

  7. The Rhine River is one of the most important rivers in Europe, because it has become the most traveled waterway in the European Union. Its name comes from the original Celtic and its meaning is Flow. The Rhine River and the Danube River were responsible for creating the northern European border, that is, the boundary with the Roman Empire. (see ...

  8. Rhine River Cruises | Viking® River Cruises

    A Rhine River cruise takes you into the heart of Middle Europe, where stately castles, fairytale villages and cultural centers have long been witnesses to history. The river’s banks are brimming with historic treasures, natural beauty and vibrant capitals. Here are a few highlights Viking reveals to you: Amsterdam’s charming canals and ...

  9. Rhine Getaway - 2023 Amsterdam to Basel - Cruise Overview

    Explore one of Europe’s best-loved rivers, the Rhine. Discover the turreted fortresses, grand cathedrals, historic cities, medieval towns and spectacular scenery of the Middle Rhine—a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Taste the region’s renowned white wines, the roots of its terraced vineyards reaching back to Roman times.

  10. Castles on the Rhine River (My Top List + Map 2023)

    The best castles on the Rhine River. Rheinfels Castle. Cat Castle. Mouse Castle. Marksburg Castle. Stolzenfels Castle. Lahneck Castle. The best place to stay to explore the castles on the Rhine and Moselle Rivers is Hotel Brenner in Koblenz. It’s perfectly positioned for sightseeing, day trips by train and river cruises.

  11. 10 Reasons You’ll Love This Fairy-Tale Town On The Bank Of The ...

    4. Rhine River Day Cruise. A cruise on the Rhine River is a must-do during your time in the Rhine River Valley, and lucky for you, Bacharach is the perfect jumping-off point to make that happen. A Rhine River cruise is the perfect way to see the numerous castles that line the hillsides of this region.