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  2. Robert Owen, born 250 years ago, tried to use his wealth to ...

    If so, you might owe something to Robert Owen, a wealthy industrialist who was born in Wales on May 14, 1771. Welsh social reformer Robert Owen, portrayed about a decade after his experimental...

  3. Robert Owen summary | Britannica

    Robert Owen, (born May 14, 1771, Newtown, Montgomeryshire, Wales—died Nov. 17, 1858, Newtown), Welsh manufacturer and philanthropist.

  4. Robert Owen |

    OWEN, ROBERT (1771–1858), English socialist. The founder of British socialism, Robert Owen was born on 14 May 1771 at Newtown, Montgomeryshire, Wales. He was the son of Robert Owen (1741–1804), a sadler, ironmonger, and local postmaster, and the former Anne Williams (c. 1735–1803), a farmer's daughter.

  5. Robert Owen - BBC Bitesize

    Victorians Robert Owen was a factory owner who wanted to improve the health and well-being of his workers. His ideas made him world famous and influenced a better society. Who was he? Robert...

  6. Introducing Robert Owen - New Lanark Visitor Centre

    Date: 1771 - 1858. Title. Robert Owen. It was under the enlightened management of Robert Owen that New Lanark became famous. Robert Owen married David Dale’s daughter, Caroline Dale, in 1799 and in the same year formed a partnership to buy her father's mills at New Lanark. Robert and Caroline set up home in New Lanark and went on to have ...

  7. Robert Owen - New World Encyclopedia

    Robert Owen (May 14, 1771, Newtown, Powys – November 17, 1858) was a Welsh utopian socialist and social reformer, whose attempts to reconstruct society widely influenced social experimentation and the cooperative movement.

  8. Robert Owen was a utopian socialist, philanthropist, and reformer, whose own religious scepticism fostered his desire for a secular society, and his pursuit of a ‘rational religion’.

  9. Robert Owen: Education for a New Moral World | SpringerLink

    Abstract. Robert Owen is a complicated historical figure. He holds competing reputations and today is claimed as an influence by thinkers ranging from socialists to educators to proponents of scientific management. During his lifetime, he said and did things to inspire each of these legacies.

  10. Robert Owen | Biography, Theory & Beliefs |

    Review Robert Owen, the famous social reformer from the UK. Study Robert Owen's theory on socialism, and explore his utopias at the New Lanark Mills and New Harmony. Updated: 04/28/2022.

  11. Robert Owen Biography | Biography Online

    Robert Owen Biography. Robert Owen was a businessman and social activist who sought to bring in new utopian ideals for business and local communities. His New Lanark textile factory in Scotland was an influential experiment in improving the conditions of factory workers. Owen was an early socialist, co-operative and utopian thinker and is often ...