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  2. Sébastien Faure - Wikipediaébastien_Faure

    Sébastien Faure. Sébastien Faure (6 January 1858 – 14 July 1942) [1] was a French anarchist, [2] convicted sex offender, [3] freethought and secularist activist and a principal proponent of synthesis anarchism. [4] [5] "Property is theft!" Police photograph of Faure taken before 1918.

  3. La Ruche (school) - Wikipedia

    The anarchist Sébastien Faure founded La Ruche on 20 hectares of leased farmland in Le Pâtis, near Rambouillet, on the outskirts of Paris in 1904. The land was both the grounds for his alternative, experimental school and an anarchist commune.

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  4. Faure, Sébastien, 1858-1942 |

    Sébastien Faure. A short biography of French anarchist a writer, Sébastien Faure. Submitted by Steven. on September 26, 2003. Auguste Louis Sebastien Faure. Born 1858 - Saint-Etienne, France, died 1942 - Royan, France. Sebastien Faure was born in 1858 into a middle-class Catholic family in Saint-Etienne, near Lyon in central France.

  5. 1917–1921: And paedophilia brought down Sébastien Faure

    This is the first time that Sébastien Faure will be brought down by paedophilia. It’s not his first time, but he has so far been able to get away with it. A leading light and his dark side. In 1917, Sébastien Faure had more than thirty years of militancy behind him.

  6. Sébastien Faure and the La Ruche Experimental School

    🔥 Mar 17, 2022 - From Aotearoa Workers Solidarity Movement (New Zealand) - Francesco Codello Sébastien Faure was born on 6 January 1858 into a wealthy Catholic family and was educated by Jesuits, first in Saint-Etienne and then, in 1874, at the age of 16, in Clermont-Ferrand.

  7. Sébastien FAURE | Professor (Full) | PharmD, PhD | University ...

    Sébastien FAURE, Professor (Full) | Cited by 1,981 | of University of Angers, Angers (UA) | Read 623 publications | Contact Sébastien FAURE

  8. The Anarchist Synthesis | The Anarchist Library

    Author: Sébastien Faure. Topics: anarchism without adjectives , anarcho-syndicalism , communism , France , individualism , synthesis anarchism. Date: 1927. Source: Retrieved on 7 August 2011 from Notes: English translation by Nestor McNab, 2011, for the Nestor Makhno Archive.

  9. sebastien faure Retweeted. Mise au Point. @miseaupoint. ·. Mar 7. Selon les derniers chiffres, les troubles mentaux sont devenus la première cause d’hospitalisations des jeunes filles de 10 à 24 ans. Nous avons voulu comprendre pourquoi. … via. @RadioTeleSuisse.

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  11. Sébastien Faure — Wikipédiaébastien_Faure

    Sébastien Faure, né le 6 janvier 1858 à Saint-Étienne et mort le 14 juillet 1942 à Royan, est un agent d’assurances puis conférencier professionnel. Propagandiste anarchiste français de renommée internationale, franc-maçon , il est aussi pédagogue libertaire à l'initiative de La Ruche et est l'initiateur de l' Encyclopédie ...