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  2. Saint Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster

    1 : one officially recognized especially through canonization as preeminent for holinessabbreviation St. 2 a : one of the spirits of the departed in heaven b : angel sense 1a 3 a : one of God's chosen and usually Christian people b capitalized : a member of any of various Christian bodies specifically : latter-day saint 4

  3. Saint Definition & Meaning |

    noun. a person who after death is formally recognized by a Christian Church, esp the Roman Catholic Church, as having attained, through holy deeds or behaviour, a specially exalted place in heaven and the right to veneration. a person of exceptional holiness or goodness. (plural) Bible the collective body of those who are righteous in God's sight.

  4. SAINT | English meaning - Cambridge Dictionary

    saint noun [ C ] us / seɪnt / (abbreviation St.) a holy person, esp. one who has been officially honored with this title by a Christian church: Elizabeth Seton was the first person born in the US to be made a saint by the Roman Catholic Church. A saint is also a good, kind, and patient person: His mother was a saint to everyone who knew her.

  5. Saint | Britannica

    Saints are persons believed to be connected in a special manner with what is viewed as sacred reality—gods, spiritual powers, mythical realms, and other aspects of the sacred or holy. The religious person may have various relationships with the sacred: as seer, prophet, saviour, monk, nun, priest, priestess, or other such personage.

  6. Saint - Wikipedia

    In high-church contexts, such as Anglo-Catholicism, a saint is generally one to whom has been attributed (and who has generally demonstrated) a high level of holiness and sanctity. In this use, a saint is therefore not merely a believer, but one who has been transformed by virtue. In Catholicism, a saint is a special sign of God's activity. The veneration of saints is sometimes misunderstood to be worship, in which case it is derisively termed "hagiolatry".

  7. saint (seɪnt) n. 1. a person of exceptional holiness, formally recognized by the Christian Church esp. by canonization. 2. a person of great virtue or benevolence. 3. a founder or patron, as of a movement. 4. a member of any of various Christian groups. v.t. 5. to acknowledge as a saint; canonize.

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  10. Saint Francis de Sales, a saint for our time | The Divine Mercy

    Saint Francis de Sales, a saint for our time. Jan. 24. 2023. Few have been more successful at proclaiming the Gospel, or of bringing straying Christians home again to Catholicism, than St. Francis de Sales. Few have been more patient, more willing to put in the time, build relationships, and actually do the work of fishing for souls.

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