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  2. Sancho of Castile (1342–1374) - Wikipedia

    Sancho Alfonso of Castile (1342–1374), known in Spanish as Don Sancho Alfonso de Castilla, was Infante of Castile, 1st Count of Alburquerque . He was the ninth of the ten illegitimate children of Alfonso XI of Castile and Leonor de Guzmán . He was born in Seville.

  3. Reconquista - Wikipedia

    Reconquista. Depiction of a Reconquista battle, from the 13th century Cantigas de Santa Maria. The Reconquista [note 1] ( Spanish, Portuguese, and Galician for "reconquest") is the historical term used to describe the military campaigns that Christian kingdoms waged against the Moors from the 8th century until 1492, in order to retake—or ...

  4. Sancho of Castile (bishop) - Wikipedia

    Sancho was the seventh child and sixth son of King Ferdinand III of Castile and his first wife, Elisabeth of Swabia. His father had him and his older brother Philip prepared for an ecclesiastical career. Their paternal grandmother, the former Queen Berengaria of Castile, entrusted Rodrigo Jiménez de Rada, Archbishop of Toledo, with their ...

  5. Category:Sancho of Castile (1342-1374) - Wikimedia Commons

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  6. Sancho IV | king of Castile and Leon | Britannica

    Sancho IV, byname Sancho The Brave, Spanish Sancho El Bravo, (born 1257—died April 25, 1295, Toledo, Castile), king of Castile and Leon from 1284 to 1295, second son of Alfonso X. Though ambitious and ruthless, he was also an able politician and a cultivated man. In 1275 his elder brother, Fernando de la Cerda, was killed, leaving a son, Alfonso de la Cerda, heir to Alfonso X. Sancho ...

  7. Ferdinand I the Great, King of Castile -

    Ferdinand I (1017 – 24 June 1065), called the Great (El Magno), was the Count of Castile from his uncle's death 1029 and the King of León, through his wife, after defeating his brother-in-law in 1037. He was the son of Sancho III of Navarre and Mayor of Castile, and is usually recognised as the first King of Castile.

  8. Sancho IV of Castile - Wikipedia

    Sancho IV of Castile (12 May 1258 – 25 April 1295) called the Brave ( el Bravo ), was the king of Castile, León and Galicia from 1284 to his death. Following his brother Ferdinand's death, he gained the support of nobles that declared him king instead of Ferdinand's son Alfonso. Faced with revolts throughout his reign, before he died he made ...

  9. Spain's Kingdom of Castile - Social Studies for Kids

    At his death, he directed his son Sancho II to rule Castile and his son Alfonso VI to rule León. The latter took over Castile after the suspicious death of his brother. One of Castile's most famous knights—and one of Spain's overall most famous heroes—was El Cid, who led the way to the Christian capture of the important city of Valencia in ...

  10. Eleanor of Alburquerque [[ChNoWikibio]] (1374-1435 ...

    Eleanor of Alburquerque was born in the year 1374, daughter of Sancho Alfonso of Castile and Beatriz Princess of Portugal. She was married in the year 1394 to Ferdinand I King of Aragon, they had 7 children. She died in the year 1435. This information is part of Genealogie Wylie by Kin Mapper on Genealogy Online.

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