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  3. Sevastopol - Wikipedia

    Sevastopol, along with the rest of Crimea, is internationally recognised as part of Ukraine, and under the Ukrainian legal framework, it is administratively one of two cities with special status (the other being Kyiv ).

  4. Russian War Report: Pro-Kremlin surrogates accuse the US of ...

    Naval News reported on possible GPS jamming on Russian auxiliary ships in occupied Sevastopol that are systematically broadcasting signals as if they were located at Belbek airfield, many kilometers north. Radar interference patterns are visible on satellite imagery from Sevastopol.

  5. Russia’s Military Dolphins May Have Escaped, Intelligence ...

    One notable impact was on the harbor of Sevastopol in occupied Crimea, where the Russian navy housed its military dolphins. The storm left the pens holding these dolphins badly damaged. It is uncertain whether the dolphins are still in their enclosures or if they took the opportunity to escape.

  6. Newsweek: Satellite images show Crimea lost naval defense ...

    As Ukraine often uses explosive sea drones (surface uncrewed vehicles) against Russian naval targets, Russia has heavily fortified the approaches to Sevastopol Harbor, hosting its main base of the Black Sea Fleet. Related: Train derailment in occupied Crimea obstructs rail line to Russia’s Black Sea Fleet base – UK intel

  7. Russian ships have been reporting their location as Sevastopol International Airport, likely an unwitting side effect of Russia jamming GPS data in the area. At the same time, radar satellites have picked up significant interference, again indicating jamming. Graphics by Damien Symon.

  8. Storm Destroys Russian Naval Defenses Near Crimea, Leaving It ...

    According to satellite footage obtained by The War Zone, Russia's fortifications at its Black Sea naval facility have been destroyed by a storm.

  9. Russian Black Sea Defenses Damaged by Severe Storm

    Sevastopol is the main Russian naval base in the occupied Crimean peninsula, making it a significant target. An effective attack on Sevastopol can essentially cripple the Russian navy. Meanwhile, Newsweek reported on a video circulating that appears to show three Russian vessels crashed into one another.

  10. Russia's naval-defense dolphins may have gone AWOL

    The Russian Black Sea Fleet first deployed bottlenose dolphins in Sevastopol back in 2018, apparently as a defense against Ukrainian saboteurs. Animals at war Spy animals of the Cold War

  11. 39 drones 2 cruise missiles There are 54 other vehicles. Across the front, there were 87 reports of ground battles in one day. The Russian military has once again increased its offensive activities, centering on Audiiyuka, and is relentlessly attacking, with losses of over 1,000 soldiers alone.

  12. Putin nightmare as Russia's naval defense dolphins 'escape ...

    Russia's Black Sea Fleet first used dolphins in Sevastopol in 2018 as a defense against Ukrainian saboteurs. While Ukraine has struggled to push Russian forces back on land, the country's Navy has inflicted damage on the Russian Navy.