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  2. How to Protect Yourself and Others | CDC

    Improving ventilation (moving air into, out of, or within a room) and filtration (trapping particles on a filter to remove them from the air) can help prevent virus particles from accumulating in indoor air. Improving ventilation and filtration can help protect you from getting infected with and spreading the virus that causes COVID-19.

    • AOC’s office still touting pandemic social distancing guidelines
      AOC’s office still touting pandemic social distancing guidelines
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    • Social Distancing in full effect. #socialdistancing #covid19 #tennessee #workfromhome #wegotthis #fyp
    • Social Distancing
  3. Social Distancing Guidelines for Covid-19 - What You Need to Know

    Social distancing means avoiding close physical contact so the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 cannot spread between people. Close personal contact means being within 6 feet (2 meters) of another person for at least 15 minutes over 24 hours. It is important to follow worldwide, national, and local social distancing guidelines.

  4. What is Social Distancing? - Health

    Social distancing. This term refers to public health measures that keep people at safe distances from one another in order to slow the spread of disease. Early in the pandemic, social distancing ...

  5. Specific Settings | COVID-19 | CDC

    Specific Settings. Updated Dec. 7, 2022. Español | Other Languages. Print. COVID-19 by County: COVID-19 Community Levels are a tool to help you and communities decide what prevention steps to take based on hospitalizations and cases. Check your community level.

  6. State by State Coronavirus-Related Restrictions - AARP

    On Jan. 6, 2022, Lamont signed an order that requires state hospital employees and workers at long-term care facilities to get a COVID-19 vaccine booster. Mask regulations: Face-covering is required for people age 2 and older in health care facilities, long-term care facilities and shelters.

  7. AOC's office still touting pandemic social distancing

    “Federal, state and local officials have advised that social distancing is critical to preventing the spread of COVID-19,” the recorded message from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s office says.

  8. Social distancing Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster distancing

    The meaning of SOCIAL DISTANCING is the practice of maintaining a greater than usual physical distance (such as six feet or more) from other people or of avoiding direct contact with people or objects in public places during the outbreak of a contagious disease in order to minimize exposure and reduce the transmission of infection : physical distancing.

  9. 5 Ways To Do a Social Distance Vacation - AARP

    Motorists still need to be mindful of social distancing during stops. In some cases, authorities may change access to roads or facilities. Along the 469-mile Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia and North Carolina, one of the most popular national parks in the system, drivers are discouraged from stopping at crowded overlooks and trails, and are encouraged to explore the park's less-traveled areas.

  10. Rational social distancing in epidemics with uncertain vaccination timing. Simon K. Schnyder, John J. Molina, Ryoichi Yamamoto, Matthew S. Turner. During epidemics people reduce their social and economic activity to lower their risk of infection. Such social distancing strategies will depend on information about the course of the epidemic but ...

  11. Social distance of bystanders affects people’s embarrassment ...

    Effect of social distance on embarrassment. To examine whether the embarrassment of participants was modulated by the social distance between them and the bystander, we conducted a one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) on the embarrassment scores with social distance as a between-subjects factor (Long, Medium, and Short social distance conditions).