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  2. Symon Petliura - Wikipedia

    Petliura participated in the anti-Hetmanate putsch of November 1918 and became a member of the Directorate of Ukraine as the Chief of Military Forces. [7] Following the fall of Kyiv (February 1919) and the emigration of Vynnychenko from Ukraine, Petliura became the leader of the Directorate on 11 February 1919.

  3. Symon Petlyura | Ukrainian political leader | Britannica

    Symon Petlyura, in full Symon Vasylevych Petlyura, Petlyura also spelled Petliura, (born May 10, 1879, Poltava, Ukraine, Russian Empire—died May 25, 1926, Paris, France), socialist leader of Ukraine ’s unsuccessful fight for independence following the Russian revolutions of 1917. One of the founders of the Ukrainian Social-Democratic Workers’ Party in 1905, Petlyura published two socialist weekly newspapers before the onset of World War I, when he became an officer in the Russian army ...

  4. Was Symon Petliura “an antisemite who massacred Jews during a ...

    Indeed, in 1926, Scholem Schwarzbard, a Jewish anarchist, killed the UPR’s leader Symon Petliura in a Paris street in revenge for the pogroms. The trial that followed became a cause celebre, one...

  5. Symon Petliura - Wikiwand

    Symon Vasylyovych Petliura[a] was a Ukrainian politician and journalist. He became the Supreme Commander of the Ukrainian Army and the President of the Ukrainian People's Republic during Ukraine's short-lived sovereignty in 1918–1921, leading Ukraine's struggle for independence following the fall of the Russian Empire in 1917.

  6. Symon Petliura | Military Wiki | Fandom

    Symon Vasylyovych Petliura (Ukrainian: Си́мон Васи́льович Петлю́ра, Russian: Симо́н Васи́льевич Петлю́ра; May 10, 1879 – May 25, 1926) was a publicist, writer, journalist, Ukrainian politician, statesman of the Ukrainian People's Republic, and national leader who led Ukraine's struggle for independence following the Russian Revolution of 1917 (1918-1921).

  7. Ukraine honors nationalist whose troops killed 50,000 Jews

    Ukraine honors nationalist whose troops killed 50,000 Jews Country for the first time observes a minute of silence in memory of Symon Petliura, a 1920s statesman killed by a Russia-born Jew By...

  8. The Assassination of Symon Petliura and the Trial of Scholem ...

    On May 25, 1926, in the heart of Paris, the Ukrainian Jew Scholem Schwarzbard murdered the Ukrainian political leader Symon Petliura in broad daylight, eliciting a frenzied domino effect throughout the Ukrainian and Jewish exile communities. These events impinged on, and even shaped, Ukrainian-Jewish relations for decades.

  9. Symon Petliura - Wikipedia

    Symon Vasylyovych Petliura[a](Ukrainian: Си́мон Васи́льович Петлю́ра, Mey 10, 1879 – Mey 25, 1926) wis a publicist, writer, jurnalist, Ukrainianpolitician, statesman o the Ukrainian Fowkrepublic, an naitionalist leader who led Ukraine's struggle for unthirldom follaein the Roushie Revolution o 1917(1918–1921). Notes[eedit| eedit soorce]

  10. Symon Petljura - Wikipedia

    Symon Petliura al centro della foto e Volodymyr Vynnyčenko alla sua destra. Petljura nacque il 10 maggio 1879 nei pressi di Poltava in Ucraina, [1] figlio di Vasyl' Petljura e Ol'ha Marčenko, cittadini ma di estrazione cosacca. I cosacchi, contrapposti ai contadini, potevano godere di certi privilegi di nascita riguardanti il possesso di ...

  11. Olha Petliura - Wikipedia

    In 1911, they had a daughter, Ukrainian poet, Lesya Petliura. In 1924, the settled in Paris. Olha did embroidery work in order to ensure a decent living for her family. On 25 May 1926 Symon was shot dead by a SPD agent Sholom Schwartzbard. This greatly affected Olga's health: she fell ill and began to lose her hearing. In addition, her daughter fell ill and continued to live with this illness until 1941, after which she died at the age of under 30 years.