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  2. Taraz - Wikipedia

    Taraz ( Kazakh: Тараз, تاراز, romanized: Taraz ( listen); known to Europeans as Talas) is a city and the administrative center of Jambyl Region in Kazakhstan, located on the Talas (Taraz) River in the south of the country near the border with Kyrgyzstan.

  3. Taraz | Kazakhstan | Britannica

    Taraz, formerly (until 1938) Auliye-Ata and (1938–92) Zhambyl, also spelled Dzhambul or Džambul, city, southern Kazakhstan. It lies at the junction of the Talas River and the Turk-Sib Railway. Taraz is one of the oldest towns of Kazakhstan.

  4. Taraz -

    Taraz is the capital of Kazakhstan’s Zhambyl Region, located along the Talas river, west from Almaty region. West from Taraz lie the Karatau mountains and to the south are the spurs of the Western Tien Shan along with border to Kyrgyzstan and behind it a city with very similar name to Taraz, called Talas.

  5. Taraz | ancient city, Kazakhstan | Britannica

    Other articles where Taraz is discussed: Taraz: …of the ancient city of Taraz, which flourished as a stop along the Silk Road until it was destroyed by Mongol armies in the 13th century. A new town called Auliye-Ata was established on the site by the emirs of Kokand in the late 18th century. The fort and town…

  6. Taraz | Kazakhstan Luxury Travel | Remote Lands

    In the south of Kazakhstan, on the Talas River near the Kyrgyz border is Taraz, a major city of the Jambyl province. Dating back more than 2,000 years, it is one of the oldest cities in Kazakhstan and in 2001 UNESCO recognized its status as a World Heritage Site.

  7. Taraz Travel Guide - Tours, Attractions and Things To Do

    Kazakhstan; Taraz; Taraz, Kazakhstan Tours, Attractions and Things To Do in Taraz. Taraz is an ancient city and at the same time very modern. Taraz, as a center of trade and craftsmanship, was founded at the beginning of our era on the fertile lands irrigated by the full-flowing river Talas.

  8. Taraz Kazakhstan, Taraz City - A Travel Guide

    Taraz city is one of the oldest cities in Kazakhstan. Taraz is ancient but Taraz is modern too. Today Taraz is a beautiful mix of ancient and modern touch. One of the fastest growing cities after Astana is Taraz city. The age of Taraz is like this. The city celebrated its 2000 th anniversary in 2001.

  9. Taraz - The City of Merchants - Advantour

    Taraz, Kazakhstan. Another city of Southern Kazakhstan, Taraz, which used to be the centre of the steppe part of the Silk Road, is over 2000 years old. The other Taraz’ name was “the city of merchants”; it was the capital of Turgesh and later of Karluks and Karakhanids. This land has preserved the traces of citadels, caravanserais, pise ...

  10. Taraz, Kazakhstan | Silk Road Explore

    One of the most ancient cities in Kazakhstan was established by the Sogdians and is more than 2000 years old today. Taraz city was built as a part of trade web of the Great Silk Road; it connected modern China and Turkestan. It was a large trade center with developed crafts and fertile lands. However, archaeological findings prove that it was ...

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