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  1. Te·noch·ti·tlán


    • 1. the ancient capital of the Aztec empire, founded c. 1320. In 1521 the Spanish conquistador Cortés destroyed it and established Mexico City on its site.
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  3. Tenochtitlan - Wikipedia

    Tenochtitlan, also known as Mexico-Tenochtitlan, was a large Mexican altepetl in what is now the historic center of Mexico City. The exact date of the founding of the city is unclear, but the date 13 March 1325 was chosen in 1925 to celebrate the 600th anniversary of the city.

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  4. Tenochtitlán, ancient capital of the Aztec empire. Located at the site of modern Mexico City, it was founded c. 1325 in the marshes of Lake Texcoco. It formed a confederacy with Texcoco and Tlacopán and was the Aztec capital by the late 15th century. Originally located on two small islands in Lake Texcoco, it gradually spread through the ...

  5. Tenochtitlan - National Geographic Society

    Tenochtitlan, the capital of the Aztec Empire, was founded by the Aztec or Mexica people around 1325 C.E. According to legend, the Mexica founded Tenochtitlan after leaving their homeland of Aztlan at the direction of their god, Huitzilopochtli. Huitzilopochtli directed them to build where they saw an eagle perched on a cactus, eating a snake.

  6. Tenochtitlan - World History Encyclopedia

    Sacred Precinct, Tenochtitlan. Steve Cadman (CC BY-SA) Tenochtitlan (also spelled Tenochtitlán), located on an island near the western shore of Lake Texcoco in central Mexico, was the capital city and religious centre of the Aztec civilization. The traditional founding date of the city was 1345 CE and it remained the most important Aztec ...

  7. Conquistador - Wikipedia

    Conquest The surrender of Granada in 1492. The last Moorish sultan of Granada, Muhammad XII, before Ferdinand and Isabella. Christopher Columbus and his Spanish crew making their first landfall in the Americas in 1492

  8. The Aztec Empire: Rituals of Human Sacrifice - YouTube

    20 subscribers 1 Share 3 views 8 minutes ago #history #shorts #aztecempire Delve into the heart of the Aztec Empire and its chilling rituals of human sacrifice. Understand the religious and...

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