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    MCN 专项举报 未成年人相关举报:400-140-2108 按5. 算法推荐专项举报 京ICP证140141号 京ICP备12025439号-3 网络文化经营许可证 营业执照 广播电视节目制作经营许可证 出版物经营许可证 营业性演出许可证

  3. 今日头条

    今日头条是一个通用信息平台,致力于连接人与信息,让优质丰富的信息得到高效精准的分发,促使信息创造价值。 今日头条 春节活动:天南地北大拜年 春节活动:天南地北大拜年 头条发起#天南地北大拜年#活动,互祝福,赏民俗,看百景中国年! 去看看 下载头条APP关于头条反馈侵权投诉无障碍 北京晴1℃良 切换02月03日 消息 发布作品 登录 搜索 关注 推荐 北京 视频 财经 科技 热点 国际 更多 军事 体育 娱乐 数码 历史 懂车帝 问答 美食 游戏 直播 旅游 养生 时尚 育儿 暖彻人心! 总书记跨越千里的惦念 置顶 央视新闻 3418评论 8小时前 习近平这些话语鼓舞人心 置顶 人民网 2290评论 3小时前 江苏:“点对点”返岗复工抢开局 置顶 央视新闻 2774评论 6小时前

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    李大开修仙记 书评:这本书不错!. 杀伐果断,却又不做作过火。. 最好的地方在于,作者不会胡乱给主角各种特殊功法能力,这样可以避免后面功法能力与情节冲突,单单这一点就能压过大半同类书作者。. 很有意思的是,在刻画人物方面,每一个配角都合格,行为逻辑流畅,这点非常难得。. 最后一点,作者毁词不倦的开车能力我佩服,可谓见缝插针,暗戳戳的,他肯定 ...

  5. Toutiao - Wikipedia

    Toutiao (头条, "headlines") or Jinri Toutiao (今日头条, "Today's Headlines") is a Chinese news and information content platform, a core product of the China-based company ByteDance. By analyzing the features of content, users and users' interaction with content, the company's algorithm models generate a tailored feed list of content for each user.

  6. ByteDance's Toutiao ordered by China to halt new ... - Reuters

    Toutiao is ByteDance's second-largest ad revenue source in China, after Douyin, Reuters has reported, accounting for around 20% of sales in the country last year, or about 36 billion yuan ($5.57 ...

  7. What is Toutiao? China's most popular news app - Abacus

    A little bit of Google News, reddit, and Facebook's News Feed combined. What is Toutiao? China's most popular news app. One of China’s most popular news apps, Toutiao uses AI algorithms to generate an endless story feed for its 120 million daily users. It’s run by Bytedance, the company behind viral short video app Tik Tok.

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  9. ByteDance

    Toutiao is one of the most popular content discovery platforms in China. It offers users a unique, personalized and comprehensive content experience, enabling them to discover and explore topics of interest, ranging from sports and entertainment to agriculture and history. For more information, please visit

  10. Toutiao, an AI-powered News Platform - Digital Innovation and ...

    Jinri Toutiao (means today’s headlines), a tech unicorn in China, is a news and information content platform powered by Artificial Intelligence. The company is China’s largest mobile platform of content creation, aggregation and distribution, with 120 million daily active users as of Sep 2017. Founded in 2012, the company now values at $22billion.

  11. Toutiao - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding

    Toutiao is a feed reader that tries to integrate the most relevant contents for users by gradually learning what the readers enjoy through analysis on data obtained from their social networking accounts. Spearheading in the development of intelligent recommendation engine, it helps content creators distribute their work to interested individuals.