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  2. Urraca of Castile, Queen of Portugal - Wikipedia,_Queen...

    Queen Urraca of Castile is buried alongside her husband, King Afonso II of Portugal, at Alcobaça Monastery in Alcobaça, Portugal. Her son, Afonso III of Portugal, and his second wife, Beatrice of Castile, are also interred in the monastery.

  3. Urraca of Portugal - Wikipedia

    Urraca of Portugal ( Portuguese pronunciation: [uˈʁakɐ]; 1148 – 1211) was the queen of León from 1165 until 1175 as the wife of King Ferdinand II. She was the daughter of the first Portuguese king, Afonso I, and the mother of Alfonso IX. After her marriage to Ferdinand was annulled, the former queen became a nun. Family

  4. Urraca of León and Castile - Wikipediaón_and_Castile

    Urraca ( c. 1080 – 8 March 1126), called "the reckless" (la temeraria), [2] was Queen of León, Castile and Galicia from 1109 until her death. She claimed the imperial title as suo jure Empress of All Spain [3] and Empress of All Galicia. [4] Early years Urraca was born to King Alfonso VI of León and Castile and Constance of Burgundy. [5]

  5. Urraca | Reign, Castile, Leon | Britannica

    Urraca, (born 1077–81—died March 8, 1126, Saldana, Castile [Spain]), queen of Leon and Castile from 1109 to 1126, daughter of Alfonso VI. Urraca became her father’s heiress when her brother, Sancho, was killed at Uclés (1108).

  6. Urraca de Castilla, reina consorte de Portugal (1187 - 1220 ...

    Birthplace: Toledo, Toledo, Castilla-La Mancha, Spain. Death: November 02, 1220 (33) Coimbra, Portugal. Place of Burial: Mosteiro de Santa Maria de Alcobaça, Leiria, Portugal. Immediate Family: Daughter of Alfonso VIII the Noble Sanchez, king of Castile and Eleanor of England, Queen consort of Castile.

  7. Urraca of Castile (c. 1186–1220) |

    Urraca of Castile (c. 1186–1220)Queen of Portugal. Born in 1186 or 1187 in Castile; died in 1220; daughter of Alfonso or Alphonso VIII, also known as Alphonso III (1155–1214), king of Castile (r. Source for information on Urraca of Castile (c. 1186–1220): Women in World History: A Biographical Encyclopedia dictionary.

  8. Urraca I Alfonsez Castile Leon, Queen of León and Castilla ...

    son Constance de Bourgogne, Queen co... mother Alfonso VI the Brave, King of Ca... father Manrique Pérez de Lara, señor ... partner's son Conde Nuño Pérez de Lara, Señ... partner's son Mayor Pérez de Lara partner's daughter

  9. Urraca of Castile, Queen of Portugal - Wikiwand,_Queen_of...

    Urraca of Castile was a daughter of Alfonso VIII of Castile[1] and Eleanor of England.[2] Her maternal grandparents were Henry II of England and Eleanor of Aquitaine.

  10. Urraca of Castile, Queen of Navarre - Wikipedia,_Queen...

    Urraca Alfonso (1133 – c. 1179), also known as Urraca the Asturian (La Asturiana), illegitimate daughter of Alfonso VII of León, was Queen Consort of Navarre by her marriage to García Ramírez. After becoming a widow, she returned to her homeland and was the regent of Asturias from 1153 to 1165.

  11. Urraca of Castile, Queen of Portugal - Wikiwand of Castile, Queen of...

    Urraca of Castile was a daughter of Alfonso VIII of Castile Her maternal grandparents were Henry II of England and Eleanor of Aquitaine.