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  2. Victoria, Princess Royal - Wikipedia,_Princess_Royal

    Queen Victoria. Signature. Victoria, Princess Royal (Victoria Adelaide Mary Louisa; [1] 21 November 1840 – 5 August 1901) was German Empress and Queen of Prussia as the wife of Frederick III, German Emperor. She was the eldest child of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom and Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, and was created Princess ...

  3. Life and Biography of Victoria Princess Royal Germany

    Princess Victoria also referred to as Victoria, Princess Royal was the German Empress and the Queen of Prussia. She was married to the German Emperor Frederick III. Princess Victoria was the eldest child of Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom and Prince Albert. She was also the mother of Wilhelm II, the German Emperor.

  4. Victoria | Biography, Family Tree, Children, Successor, & Facts

    Victoria had nine children: Victoria (1840–1901), the princess royal; Albert Edward (1841–1910), who became King Edward VII; Alice (1843–78); Alfred (1844–1900); Helena (1846–1923); Louise (1848–1939); Arthur (1850–1942); Leopold (1853–84); and Beatrice (1857–1944).

  5. Timeline: Queen Victoria and Prince Albert | The Royal Family

    This timeline outlines key moments in the life which Victoria and Albert shared together as well as Victoria’s personal accounts of these events, extracted from her journals. Access the archive here .

  6. Queen Victoria - Family Tree, Children & Sister - Biography

    Queen Victoria's Children. Victoria and Albert had nine children together: Princess Victoria Adelaide Mary Louise (1840-1901), who married the future emperor of Germany Friedrich Wilhelm of...

  7. Queen Victoria | Kensington Palace | Historic Royal Palaces

    Did you know? Victoria reigned for 63 years, seven months and two days, a reign only surpassed by her great-great-granddaughter Elizabeth II on 9 September 2015. Birth of Princess Victoria. Victoria was born on 24 May 1819 in the dining room at Kensington Palace.

  8. Princess Victoria of the United Kingdom - Wikipedia

    Princess Victoria VA, CI, GCStJ (Victoria Alexandra Olga Mary; 6 July 1868 – 3 December 1935) was the fourth child and second daughter of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra and the younger sister of King George V . Early life and education. Princess Victoria of Wales (left) as a teenager, together with her sisters Maud (centre) and Louise (right)

  9. Queen Victoria - Children, Family Tree & Facts | HISTORY

    Queen Victoria (r. 1837-1901),” “How Queen Victoria remade the British monarchy,” National Geographic . “Queen Victoria: From Pampered Princess to Elderly Empress: Wife ...

  10. Victoria (r. 1837-1901) | The Royal Family

    Victoria (r. 1837-1901) Victoria was born at Kensington Palace, London, on 24 May 1819. She was the only daughter of Edward, Duke of Kent, fourth son of George III. Her father died shortly after her birth and she became heir to the throne because the three uncles who were ahead of her in the succession - George IV, Frederick Duke of York, and ...

  11. Victoria | Biography & Facts | Britannica

    Victoria (born November 21, 1840, London, England—died August 5, 1901, Schloss Friedrichshof, Kronberg, Germany) consort of the emperor Frederick III of Germany and eldest child of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert of Great Britain.