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  2. Victoria Woodhull - Wikipedia

    Victoria Woodhull. Victoria Claflin Woodhull, later Victoria Woodhull Martin (September 23, 1838 – June 9, 1927), was an American leader of the women's suffrage movement who ran for President of the United States in the 1872 election.

  3. Victoria Woodhull | eHISTORY

    Victoria Woodhull (1838– June 9, 1927) was a leader of the women's suffrage movement. She was the first woman to own a brokerage firm on Wall Street, the first woman to start a weekly newspaper, and an activist for women's rights and labor reform.

  4. Victoria Woodhull | Biography, Free Love, Ran for ... -...

    Victoria Woodhull, née Victoria Claflin, (born September 23, 1838, Homer, Ohio, U.S.—died June 9, 1927, Bredon’s Norton, Worcestershire, England), unconventional American reformer, who at various times championed such diverse causes as women’s suffrage, free love, mystical socialism, and the Greenback movement.

  5. The First Woman To Run For President: Victoria Woodhull

    Victoria Claflin Woodhull was one of the 19th century’s most colorful characters. She was a women’s rights and suffrage advocate, a popular public speaker, a newspaper publisher who introduced American audiences to the works of Karl Marx, the first woman to operate a Wall Street brokerage firm, and the first female presidential candidate in 1872.

  6. Victoria Woodhull - Frederick Douglass, Quotes & Facts -Biography

    Victoria Woodhull was a spiritualist, activist, politician and author who was the first woman to run for the presidency of the United States. Who Was Victoria Woodhull? In 1870, Victoria Woodhull...

  7. 9 Things You Should Know About Victoria Woodhull - HISTORY

    Woodhull received almost no formal education. Victoria Claflin, later Victoria Woodhull, was born on September 23, 1838, to an illiterate mother and a petty criminal father. One of 10 children,...

  8. Victoria Woodhull | National Women's History Museum

    The first woman to run for president and the first female stock broker on Wall Street, Victoria Woodhull achieved remarkable success in finance, journalism, and politics. A spiritualist, suffragist, and free love advocate, Woodhull was an iconoclast who fought for her beliefs no matter how controversial they were at the time.

  9. Victoria Woodhull Biography | Victoria Woodhull

    Victoria Woodhull (1838-1927) Feminist, reformer Vicky and Tennessee. Victoria was born on 23 September 1838 into a large and impoverished family in Homer, Ohio.

  10. Who Is Victoria Woodhull? | Victoria Woodhull & Company

    Victoria California Claflin was born before dawn on September 23, 1838 in Homer, Licking County, Ohio, to Reuben Buckman Claflin and Anna Roxanna (Hummel) Claflin. She was one of 10 children whose birth order is uncertain. She was only 15 years old when she was married for the first time to Dr. Canning Woodhull on Nov. 20, 1853 in Cleveland, Ohio.

  11. Age, presidential candidates and Victoria Woodhull

    Enter Victoria Woodhull. In 1872, Woodhull ran for president against Ulysses S. Grant — the first woman to run for that office. She wasn’t taken seriously for various reasons but had she won,...