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  2. any ☕ on Instagram influencer Viya mallakara? : r ...

    Reflecting on a quote from Jaya Jaya Jaya Hey (2022) 94. 76. r/Kerala. Join. • 15 days ago.

  3. SAS® Viya: The Big Picture - Introducing SAS Viya - SAS Video ...

    This video provides a high-level overview of SAS Viya.

  4. SAS Help Center

    SAS® Viya® 3.5 for Linux: Deployment Guide Provides information on how to deploy SAS Viya in your environment. ...

  5. SAS Help Center

    You can use the QARC command-line utility to archives and compress SAS Quality Knowledge Bases into the QARC format so they can be imported and used with SAS Cloud Analytic Services. For more information on a QKB Archive (QARC) File see Create a QKB Archive (QARC) File in SAS Viya Administration: QKB Management . Revise LOCKDOWN Statement

  6. Assess model bias in SAS Viya 4 - The SAS Data Science Blog

    At SAS, she has worked with statistical tools such as SAS Enterprise Miner and SAS Viya that make extensive use of cutting-edge data mining and machine learning algorithms. She is a SAS certified advanced programmer and SAS certified predictive modeler. Her current focus is SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning.

  7. Choose your SAS Journey | SAS

    Become a SAS Viya expert with our fast track journey: Why Viya is different and how it will help you. Migrating your SAS 9 code and projects. How Data Preparation has been improved. How reporting, dashboarding and data exploration is more powerful. Integrating Viya with Open Source. Starting wth advanced ML in Viya.

  8. Understanding Caslibs and Loading Data in SAS Viya

    SAS Viya Programming for SAS® 9 Programmers: Overview 6:43 Understanding Caslibs and Loading Data in SAS Viya 5:36 Using the DATA Step in SAS Viya 4:53 Processing Data in Groups with the DATA Step in SAS Viya 5:28 Creating User-Defined Formats with the FORMAT Procedure in SAS Viya 4:18 Regression Modeling Using the REGSELECT Procedure in SAS Viya

  9. Ask the Expert - Webinars | SAS

    SAS experts share in-depth information, tips and tricks on a variety of topics to enable SAS users to gain new insights into using SAS products. Our goal is to make your job easier and empower you with the knowledge you need to be successful at your work. Each live webinar ends with a time for you to ask questions of the SAS expert.

  10. 3 steps to better models with SAS and Azure Synapse

    Step 2: Once a data pipeline has been completed in Azure Synapse, SAS Viya can seamlessly access the data set inside of the Azure Synapse environment. Step 3: With SAS Viya, data scientists can build and generate automatic model pipelines. They can also easily weave open source R and Python models into the modeling pipelines and consider them ...

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