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  2. COVID-19 mask use: Advice for community settings -

    COVID-19: Medical masks and respirators; Face coverings that aren't recommended Face shields. Face shields on their own do not replace masks. A face shield can be worn with a mask for added eye protection. Without a mask, a face shield won't help prevent you or others from being exposed to infectious respiratory particles.

  3. Use and Care of Masks | CDC

    Some types of masks and respirators may feel different if your child is used to wearing cloth or disposable procedure masks. Parents and caregivers may have questions about NIOSH-approved respirators (such as N95s), and international respirators (such as KN95s and KF94s) for children.

  4. Face masks: what the data say - Nature

    Face masks are the ubiquitous symbol of a pandemic that has sickened 35 million people and killed more than 1 million. ... who is part of a team that reviewed the evidence for wearing face masks ...

  5. Guidance on wearing face masks | NSW Government

    Single-use masks are usually pale blue or white medical style masks, also known as surgical masks. Don't use masks with holes or a valve, as you will breathe out the virus if you have COVID-19. The main value of wearing a mask is to protect other people. Buy single-use masks from reputable retail outlets including chemists and supermarkets.

  6. N95 Respirators, Surgical Masks, Face Masks, & Barrier Face ...

    Face Masks. A face mask is a product that covers the wearer’s nose and mouth. Face masks are for use as source control by the general public and health care personnel (HCP) in accordance with ...

  7. Follow your county’s community level to determine masking recommendations in your area. On this page: When to wear a mask Upgrade your mask Mask-wearing exemptions Masking at work When to wear a mask These are the statewide guidelines for masks. Your local area may require masks where the state doesn’t. Check your area’s COVID-19 website. […]

  8. Surgical or procedure masks. These disposable masks have multiple layers of nonwoven fabric. They work best when they are fitted tightly around your face. Wearing a mask brace or a fitted cloth mask over a surgical mask can help get the best fit. The cloth mask should push the edges of the surgical mask against your face.

  9. When the wearing of face masks by non-scrubbed staff working in an operating room with forced ventilation seems to be unnecessary. Study article: 23.

  10. 8 Side Effects of Wearing Face Masks — Eat This Not That

    "Wearing a face mask makes the exhaled air go into the eyes," wrote Antonio I. Lazzarino, Medical Doctor and Epidemiologist, of the University College London, in a letter to the journal BMJ about the side effects of face masks. "This generates an uncomfortable feeling and an impulse to touch your eyes.

  11. Order: Wearing of face masks while on conveyances and at ...

    Medical masks and N-95 respirators fulfill the requirements of the Order. The following do not fulfill the requirements of the Order. Masks worn in a way that does not cover both the mouth and nose; Face shields or goggles (face shields or goggles may be worn to supplement a mask that meets above required attributes)