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  3. Chomsky: A Stronger NATO Is the Last Thing We Need as Russia ...

    It is becoming increasingly obvious that this is now a U.S./NATO-Russia war, Noam Chomsky argues in the exclusive interview for Truthout that follows, excoriating the idea that, in light of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, there needs to be a stronger NATO rather than a negotiated settlement to the conflict.

    • Ukraine-Russia conflict can have two outcomes, says Noam Chomsky
    • Noam Chomsky: A Left Response to the Russian Invasion of Ukraine
    • Noam Chomsky on Ukraine and nuclear armageddon
    • The Chris Hedges Report: Noam Chomsky, Pt 1
  4. Noam Chomsky on the Russia-NATO-Ukraine War -

    Through Conversations Podcast – TRANSCEND Media Service. 9 May 2023. Noam Chomsky shares his perspective on the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, and where does he think this conflict is heading in the future. Tags: Noam Chomsky, Proxy War, Russia, Ukraine. This article originally appeared on Transcend Media Service (TMS) on 25 Sep 2023.

  5. Noam Chomsky, Jeremy Scahill on the Russia-Ukraine War

    Fearless journalism. Delivered to you. I'm in As Ukraine and its Western allies accuse Russian forces of heinous war crimes and crimes against humanity, including massacres of large numbers...

  6. Noam Chomsky interview: “Ukraine is not a free actor, they’re ...

    Noam Chomsky: Russia is fighting more humanely than the US did in Iraq The US linguist on the war in Ukraine, how the West is provoking China and why the UK is “not an independent country anymore”. By Ido Vock Photo by Graeme Robertson / Eyevine At 94 years old, Noam Chomsky is as vocal as ever.

  7. Noam Chomsky: The War in Ukraine Has Entered a New Phase

    Noam Chomsky: The War in Ukraine Has Entered a New Phase The U.S. is recklessly assuming that — if he faces defeat — Putin will pack his bags rather than use nuclear weapons. By C.J. Polychroniou , T ruthout September 22, 2022

  8. Noam Chomsky Says Ukraine Desire for Heavy Weapons Is ...

    Political philosopher Noam Chomsky said Ukraine's request for heavy weaponry is a narrative concocted by the "Western propaganda system," despite Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky 's...

  9. Chomsky, who is often accused by critics of refusing to condemn any anti-Western government, unhesitatingly denounces Vladimir Putin’s “criminal aggression”. Risk of ‘terminal nuclear war’ But...

  10. Open Letter to Noam Chomsky (and other like-minded ...

    May 19, 2022 coauthored with Bohdan Kukharskyy at City University of New York, Anastassia Fedyk at UC Berkeley and Ilona Sologoub at VoxUkraine Dear Professor Chomsky, We are a group of Ukrainian academic economists who were grieved by a series of your recent interviews and commentaries on the Russian war on Ukraine.

  11. Noam Chomsky: Russia’s War Against Ukraine Has ... - Truthout

    C.J. Polychroniou: Noam, the latest reports about the war in Ukraine indicate that Russia seems to be shifting its strategy, with an intent of partitioning the country “like North and South Korea,” according to some Ukrainian officials.