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  4. Weird post-COVID head sensations: is it a reason to worry?

    After patients recover from COVID, many of them report weird side effects — most often, headaches or strange sensations in the head. These might be deteriorating their quality of life or provoke stress. But coronavirus might not be the only possible reason for these sensations.

  5. COVID-19 Brain Fog: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment - Healthline

    A study from January 2021 found increased levels of inflammatory cytokines in the fluid surrounding the brains of people weeks after their COVID-19 infection. Cytokines are molecules produced by...

  6. What is COVID-19 brain fog — and how can you clear it?

    There are many ways that COVID-19 can damage the brain. As I described in a previous blog post, some can be devastating, such as encephalitis, strokes, and lack of oxygen to the brain. But other effects may be more subtle, such as the persistent impairment in sustained attention noted by Chinese researchers.

  7. What Does a COVID-19 Headache Feel Like? - Verywell Health

    There's no conclusive data yet, but it's possible that post-COVID headache is caused by systemic inflammation during the acute phase of COVID-19 or related to constant immune activation. The immune system could have been "confused by the virus to think that normal components of the brain need to be attacked," Koralnik said.

  8. The new symptom affecting your head that could mean you have ...

    People have been logging how they feel before and after testing positive on the ZOE Covid Symptom Study app. Still in the most commonly felt symptoms are a runny nose, headache, fatigue, altered smell and skipped meals. But earache has been added on, as a regular symptom for people who test positive for the variant.

  9. COVID symptoms: Patients report strange, persistent ...

    COVID symptoms like cough, fever and shortness of breath are well known, but coronavirus patients are suffering from a wide range of strange, bewildering symptoms long after their initial bout ...

  10. Strange COVID Symptoms No One Talks About - Yahoo!

    January 13, 2022, 4:15 AM · 6 min read. By now we should all know the common signs of COVID—cough, fever, fatigue, body aches, muscle aches and shortness of breath, among other symptoms. But in ...

  11. 20 Strangest Symptoms Coronavirus Patients Say They've Had

    According to Dr. Beth Ann Callihan Ricci, D.O., with mild dehydration, you could experience "thirst, dry lips, dry mouth, flushed skin, fatigue, irritability, headache, darker urine, decreased urine output, and muscle weakness." COVID-19 sufferers may have reported this as a long-lasting symptom due to dehydration.

  12. Long COVID or Post-COVID Conditions | CDC

    Some people who have been infected with the virus that causes COVID-19 can experience long-term effects from their infection, known as post-COVID conditions (PCC) or long COVID. People call post-COVID conditions by many names, including: long COVID, long-haul COVID, post-acute COVID-19, post-acute sequelae of SARS CoV-2 infection (PASC), long-term effects of COVID, and chronic COVID.

  13. Look for These Symptoms in the Months After COVID Recovery

    While the exact cause and link between COVID-19 and long-term complications isn’t currently known, some experts suggest it could be a result of inflammation from the virus, or possibly a revelation...