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  2. Frederick III | king of Prussia and emperor of Germany

    Frederick III, also called (until 1888) Crown Prince Frederick William, German Kronprinz Friedrich Wilhelm, in full Friedrich Wilhelm Nikolaus Karl, (born Oct. 18, 1831, Potsdam, Prussia—died June 15, 1888, Potsdam), king of Prussia and German emperor for 99 days in 1888, during which time he was a voiceless invalid, dying of throat cancer.

  3. Wilhelm, German Crown Prince | Military Wiki | Fandom,_German...

    Crown Prince Wilhelm, aged 19, wearing civilian clothing Wilhelm was born on 6 May 1882 in the Marmorpalais of Potsdam in the Province of Brandenburg. He was the eldest son of Wilhelm II, the last German Emperor (1859–1941) and his first wife Princess Augusta Viktoria of Schleswig-Holstein (1858–1921).

  4. 497 German Crown Prince Wilhelm Premium High Res Photos

    Prince Friedrich Wilhelm of Hohenzollern Eldest son of German Emperor Wilhelm II Crown Prince -1918 World War I, the Crown Prince and Prince... Crown Prince Friedrich Wilhelm of Germany and Prussia in military uniform, circa 1905.

  5. Wilhelm, Crown Prince of Germany | Unofficial Royalty

    Despite his place in the German militaristic culture, Wilhelm had little interest in the military. He was named commander of the 5th Army at the outbreak of World War I in the summer of 1914, a post he held for two years. He was also the commander of the Army Group German Crown Prince until the end of the war.

  6. Wilhelm, German Crown Prince | Detailed Pedia,_German_Crown...

    As Emperor Wilhelm's heir, he was the last Crown Prince of the German Empire and the Kingdom of Prussia . Wilhelm became crown prince at the age of six in 1888, when his grandfather Frederick III died and his father became emperor. He was crown prince for 30 years until the fall of the empire on 9 November 1918.

  7. Commonly known as Crown Prince Wilhelm, he was named Prince Friedrich Wilhelm Victor August Ernst. His parents were Kaiser Wilhelm II and Kaiserin Augusta Victoria. At the time of his birth, his great-grandfather Kaiser Wilhelm I was German Emperor. On June 6, 1905, he married Cecilie of Mecklenburg-Schwerin. They had...

  8. Army Group German Crown Prince (German Empire) - Wikipedia

    The Army Group German Crown Prince or Army Group B ( German: Heeresgruppe Deutscher Kronprinz) was an Army Group of the German Army, which operated on the Western Front under command of Wilhelm, German Crown Prince, between 1 August 1915 and 11 November 1918 during World War I . Composition (1 August 1915 – April 1917)[ edit]

  9. Wilhelm, German Crown Prince (1882-1951) – Dearest Mama

    Wilhelm was also made a commander of the Crown Prince’s Corps in August 1915 and the German propaganda machine began to promote him as a German hero. During the war, Wilhelm had a brief affair with the legendary spy, Mata Hari, who was paid to seduce him by the French in order to gain German military secrets.

  10. Abdication of Wilhelm II - Wikipedia

    Kaiser Wilhelm II abdicated as German Emperor and King of Prussia in November 1918. The abdication was announced on 9 November by Prince Maximilian of Baden and was formally enacted by Wilhelm's written statement on 28 November, made while in exile in Amerongen, the Netherlands. This ended the German Empire as well as the House of Hohenzollern ...

  11. Wilhelm, German Crown Prince | Kaiserland Wiki | Fandom,_German_Crown...

    Friedrich Wilhelm (born 6 May 1882), known popularly as simply Wilhelm, is the current Crown Prince (German: Kronprinz) of the German Empire and the Kingdom of Prussia. As the eldest son of Kaiser Wilhelm II, he is first in the line of succession. Contents 1 History 1.1 Early Life 1.2 World War I 1.3 After the War 2 Marriages and Children History

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