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  2. China is tracking ‘Orthrus’ – an emerging, more transmissible ...

    “There is a certain effect on cross protection [the degree of immunity conferred by previous infections], and it will not cause a large-scale domestic outbreak in the short term,” authorities said...

  3. NIH Records Reveal FBI Inquiry of Wuhan Grant Records Show ...

    Washington, D.C. — Judicial Watch announced today that it received 1651 pages of records from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) revealing an FBI “inquiry” into the NIH’s controversial bat coronavirus grant tied to the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

  4. Wuhan News

    • White-tailed deer harbor nearly extinct SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern

      Big News Network.com15 hours ago

      The spread of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 SARS-CoV-2 from humans to white-tailed deer WTD and its ability to transmit from deer to deer

    • China's movie market: 2021 and beyond

      China's movie market: 2021 and beyond

      中国日报网12 hours ago

      Figure 2 Top 10 movies by box office [Source: produced by Cloud River Urban Research Institute based on data offered by Box Office Mojo, a US website that tracks box-office revenue] 3. Which Chinese city tops box office? Cloud River Urban Research ...

  5. Rasmussen: 66 Percent Support COVID Congressional Probe

    But a July paper published in Science suggested that a natural spillover from a seafood wholesale market in Wuhan was the cause. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy last week appointed a new subcommittee to "finally get answers to the [COVID-19 virus] origins and the federal government’s gain of function research that contributed to the pandemic."

  6. Jaw-dropping story of Covid conspiracy and a worldwide cover-up

    Jaw-dropping story of Covid conspiracy and a worldwide cover-up, says ANGUS DALGLEISH Covid was the name of the disease caused by a new coronavirus, which led to a new respiratory disease in...

  7. Wuhan Economic Development Zone. Wuhan Economic Development Zone plans to start 33 major projects with a total investment of 20.74 billion yuan. Among them, there are 12 advanced manufacturing projects, 1 modern service industry project, and 20 other projects, with a total investment of 9.4 billion yuan.

  8. Wholesale market opens in China's Wuhan with new fashion ...

    Quick Summary. Wholesale market opens in China's Wuhan with new fashion coming_英语频道_央视网 (cctv. On the eighth day of the first lunar month, the wholesale market on Hanzheng Street opened. The lion dance performance kicked off in the early morning on the street.About is constantly updated with top news from China ...

  9. 武汉市人民政府门户网站

    武汉奥特能超级工厂里的虚拟全三维仿真工厂 1月31日,武汉在光谷科学岛举行一季度重大项目集中开工活动,奏响了今年武汉夺取经济“开门红”的发展强音。 本次现场推进的重大项目共305个,一批重要工业项目集中开工。 2023年是贯彻党的二十大精神的开局之年,工业经济发展至关重要。 新春伊始,武汉工业企业以“进”的势头、“抢”的干劲、“拼”的姿态摆出“起手式”,锚定目标真抓实干,奋力实现一季度“开门红”。 打造“未来工厂” 投产满月,下线电池模组以秒计算 率先成为湖北首家“5G全连接工厂”,岚图汽车数字工厂可“为一人、造一车”。 1月23日,岚图正式入驻以色列市场,这也是继挪威之后,岚图出海的第二个国家。 “产品出口,中国标准出海,中国智造发力。