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  2. Xiamen - Wikipedia

    Xiamen is one of China's regions with rapid development of the TFT liquid crystal display (LCD) industry. Its industrial scale ranks sixth in the country and is the only pilot city with a national optoelectronic display industrial cluster. The city also has the largest R&D and production base of touch screen modules in the world.

  3. Xiamen travel - Lonely Planet | China, Asia

    Xiamen (厦门, Xiàmén), the island city formerly known in Western circles as Amoy, is emerging as southern China’s most sophisticated city. Chinese travelers have long understood the lure of its lengthy seaside promenade and European city architecture, but international ‘jetizens’ are now descending on the fun.

  4. Xiamen | China | Britannica

    Xiamen, Wade-Giles romanization Hsia-men, conventional Amoy, city and port, southeastern Fujian sheng (province), China. It is situated on the southwestern coast of Xiamen (Amoy) Island in Xiamen Harbour (an inlet of the Taiwan Strait ), the estuary of the Jiulong River .

  5. Xiamen Travel Guide 2023 - China Discovery

    Xiamen, or many tourists may call it Amoy, is located on the southeast coast of China, under the jurisdiction of China’s Fujian Province. The city shares the characteristics of a metropolis as well as the quietness and ease of a romantic town.

  6. Xiamen, China 2023: Best Places to Visit - Tripadvisor

    About Xiamen. The livable, lovable city of Xiamen teems with university students buzzing amid Buddhist temples, art galleries and beautiful parks. The city is actually comprised of islands; one of which, Gulangyu, is a peaceful bohemian oasis that's completely vehicle-free. Nibble on some glass noodles or juicy dumplings while perusing shops ...

  7. Xiamen, China: Coolest travel destination in the country? | CNN

    Xiamen is an island city in the southeast China's Fujian province. Recently, this cool travel destination has emerged as a magnet for creative types. CNN values your feedback

  8. Xiamen Travel Guide: Tour, Gulangyu Island, Jimei ... - China

    Located at the southeast coast of China, Xiamen is a tourist city of Fujian Province famous for its attractive seascape. As one of the major seaports since ancient times, it boasts a wide gulf with deep water but without freezing and silting. The name was consequently given, which means 'the gate of China'.

  9. THE 15 BEST Things to Do in Xiamen - 2023 (with Photos ...

    Things to Do in Xiamen, China - Xiamen Attractions Things to Do in Xiamen Popular things to do Private Sightseeing Tours Day Trips Parks Cultural Tours City Tours Specialty Museums Air, Helicopter & Balloon Tours Transfers & Ground Transport Shopping Malls Top Picks Luxury & Special Occasions Historic Sites Food, Wine & Nightlife Walking Tours

  10. Xiamen Attractions, Most Popular Tourist Spots in Xiamen

    Xiamen is a beautiful coastal city with a slow-paced life, and it really is a great place to relax during holidays. Though we list only seven attractions below, each are really worth a visit. Gulangyu Island, Mount Wuyi, South Putuo Temple, and Taining Danxia Landform are the top four attractions in Xiamen, providing visitors with picturesque ...

  11. Xiamen ranks top 8 destinations for independent travel in China. 6-day tour that offers an authentic look at Xiamen Rare spoon-billed sandpipers sighted in Xiamen Nighttime tours to boost local economy in Xiamen. Xiamen parks honored by international award. Xiamen enjoys sparkling Jan-Aug air quality.