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  2. What Is The Capital Of Hubei Province? - WorldAtlas

    The city covers an area of 8,494.41 km 2 and its metropolitan area is composed of three cities: Hanyang, Hankou, and Wuchang. The terrain of the city varies slightly, as it is hilly in the south but flat and low in the central parts. Wuhan has an average elevation of 37 m above sea level and its highest point of elevation is 709 m above sea level.

  3. In December 2019, a novel coronavirus broke out in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, and, as the center of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) epidemic, the economy and production throughout Hubei Province suffered huge temporary impacts. Based on the input–output and industrial pollution emissions data of 33 industrial industries in Hubei from 2010 to 2019, this article uses the non ...

  4. Climate of Hubei Province. Hubei has a sub-tropical, humid and monsoon climate. It has. distinctive for seasons with a changeable spring, a humid and hot summer, a clear and peasant autumn and a dry and cold winter. Its annual mean temperature ranges from 13 C to 18 C (55.4 F to 64.4 F) with lowest monthly mean in January being 1C to 6C and ...

  5. The 23 Provinces in the Country of China - ThoughtCo

    Hong Kong and Macau are not provinces. In terms of area, China is the third largest country in the world, but it is the world's largest based on population. China is divided into 23 provinces, 22 of which are controlled by the People's Republic of China (PRC). The 23rd province, Taiwan, is claimed by the PRC, but it is not administered or ...

  6. Things to do in Hubei, Hubei Attractions - China Discovery

    Located at the central part of China, Hubei province was the birthplace of Chu culture, one of the most important parts of the Chinese Culture, tracing back to the Spring and Autumn Period (770-475 BC).With a long and splendid history gives Hubei abundant cultural attractions, including Yellow Crane Tower in Wuhan, Ancient Building Complex in the Wudang Mountain, Jingzhou City Wall and more ...

  7. Hubei - Wikitravel

    The capital city of Hubei is Wuhan, a sprawling city made up of three separate cities separated by the Yangtse and Han rivers. Wuhan gains its name from the name of the three major parts of the city, Wuchang, Hanyang and Hankou. Wuchang is known as the educational capital of China boasting a myriad of different Universities and Colleges.

  8. Hubei Area and Zip Code - TravelChinaGuide

    of the province: 728: Xiantao City: 433000: Qianjiang City: 433100: Tianmen City: 431700: 719: Shennongjia Forestry District: 442400: ... Zip Code for Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China. Answers (1) Answered by Juliana from UNITED KINGDOM | Mar. 12, 2019 19:00. 0 0 Reply. Do you have the detailed address? You can try to use 430000.

  9. CITY POPULATION - Pennsylvania Department of Health Cities in Hubei Province.pdf

    CITY Wuhan Huanggang Jingzhou Xiangyang Xiaogan Yichang Shiyan Enshi Jingmen Xianning Huangshi Suizhou Tianmen Xiantao Ezhou Qianjiang Hubei Province TOTAL Source: Wikipedia POPULATION 9,785,392 6,162,072 5,691,707 5,500,307 4,814,542 4,059,686 3,340,843 3,290,294 2,873,687 2,462,583

  10. Hubei travel - Lonely Planet | China, Asia

    While eastern Hubei is better known for its industrial belt rather than scenic beauty, the region's central location has ensured it played a key role in China's history. Vestiges spanning thousands of years, from the ancient state of Chu to the modern Wuchang Uprising, which led to the downfall of dynastic China, are woven into the province's ...

  11. Briefing session on stories of CPC held in Hubei

    A thematic briefing session on the Communist Party of China (CPC), titled "Stories of CPC: Hubei's Achievements in Practicing Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era", commenced on May 30 in Wuhan, capital city of Hubei Province. Jointly hosted by the International Department of the CPC Central Committee and ...