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  2. سامانه تراز - ورود

    شماره تلفن همراهی که با آن در سامانه تراز ثبت‌نام کرده‌اید را وارد کنید تا کلمه عبور جدید برای شما ارسال شود.

  3. تراز برای مدارس چه می‌کند؟ بهره‌گیری از فناوری در آموزش، راهکاری هوشمندانه برای کاهش وقت و هزینه‌های مدیریت امور در مدارس است.

  4. Salam Fayyad | Biography, History, & Facts | Britannica

    Salam Fayyad (born 1952, Dayr al-Ghuṣūn, West Bank) Palestinian economist who served as prime minister (2007–09, 2009–13) of the Palestinian Authority (PA). Fayyad was born in a village near Tulkarm and, after receiving his elementary education in Nāblus, moved with his family to Jordan, where he obtained his secondary education.

  5. Salam Fayyad | Brookings

    Salam Fayyad is a distinguished fellow in the Foreign Policy program at the Brookings Institution. He is the former prime minister of the Palestinian Authority where he served from 2007 to 2013 ...

  6. The Palestinian cause has been damaged by factionalism, argues a...

    Salam Fayyad is a former prime minister of the Palestinian Authority. Read more of our By Invitations about Israel and Gaza, as well as other coverage of the crisis . By Invitation October 14th 2023

  7. Salam Fayyad - Wikipedia

    Salam Fayyad (Arabic: سلام فياض, Salām Fayāḍ; born 1951 or 12 April 1952) is a Jordanian-Palestinian politician, who served as the prime minister of the Palestinian Authority and the finance minister.. He was Finance Minister from June 2002 to November 2005 and from March 2007 to May 2012. Fayyad was Prime Minister between June 2007 and June 2013.

  8. Salam Fayyad was appointed prime minister of the Palestinian Authority (PA) on a “national emergency” basis following the Hamas takeover of the Gaza Strip in June 2007, inaugurating the de facto system of parallel governments still in place—one headed by Fayyad in the PA-dominated West Bank, the other by Ismail Haniyeh in Gaza.

  9. Opinion | The Story of Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad -...

    The story of Salam Fayyad, the prime minister of the enfeebled Palestinian Authority in the West Bank, is a case study in wasted opportunity. Obama, who chose not to see Fayyad during his first ...

  10. Salam Fayyad - Atlantic Council

    Salam Fayyad is a distinguished statesman with the Atlantic Council’s Middle East Programs, where he focuses on issues such as the Israeli-Palestinian relationship and the peace process, regional security, including the rise of nonstate actors and related challenges, renewable energy, and economic development issues.

  11. Salam Fayyad - Jewish Virtual Library

    Salam Fayyad is a Palestinian politician and Western-educated economist who held the title of Prime Minister in the Palestinian Authority from 2007 to April 2013.. Fayyad (born 1952) was born in the small Palestinian village of Deir al-Ghusun near Tulkarm in the northern West Bank.In 1975, he graduated with a bachelors degree from the American University of Beirut and in 1980 he received his ...