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  2. Hubei Turquoise - Etsy

    Hubei Turquoise Ring, Turquoise Scallop Bezel Ring, Size 6.25, Argentium Silver 27thAveDesigns (480) $73.50 $98.00 (25% off) FREE shipping Hubei Turquoise Cabochon Stabilized Unbacked HT178 WinterStones (41) $9.60 $16.00 (40% off) Hubei Turquoise Sterling Necklace ThewoodendragonflyCo (530) $63.20 $79.00 (20% off) FREE shipping Hubei turquoise

  3. Hubei: The Chinese Turquoise – Dakota Stones

    For over 2000 years Turquoise has been mined in China and is used in many carvings and works of art dating back to the earliest dynasties. Hubei turquoise spans the range of the color spectrum from deep greens to dark blues and even yellow. But, the best of the bunch, and the most sought after by collectors is dark blue with intricate spider-webbing.

  4. Hubei Turquoise Mine - The TradeRoots Collection

    A very hard and fine blue with dark veined spider web matrix that could be considered some of the world’s finest gem grade turquoise. These slabs are gem grade spiderweb ready to be cut into cabs or inlay. Turquoise doesn't get any better than this! Minimum 10 grams $22.00 per gram choose quantity: grams

  5. Hubei turquoise | Handmade Jewelry

    5. American turquoise is just plain beautiful. 6. American turquoise is an investment in American history. Because it is rare, American turquoise is expensive, however. Supply and demand. For many years there was massive mining of turquoise in China. The best is from Hubei Provence in central China.

  6. Unique Raindrop Pattern of Turquoise from Hubei, China

    Turquoise deposits are widespread in China, including Zhushan County (Chen et al., 2012) in Hubei Province; the cities of Ma’anshan (Chen and Qi, 2007) and Tongling (Zuo et al., 2018) in Anhui Province, Baihe County (Shi and Cai, 2008; Zhao et al., 2017) and the city of Shangluo (Luo et al., 2017) in Shanxi Province, Xichuan area of Henan Province (Zhou and Jiang, 2005); and the city of Kumul (or Hami in Chinese) in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (Luan, 2001; Liu et al., 2018).

  7. Hubei Turquoise Beads - Lima Beads

    Hubei Turquoise is some of the nicest turquoise mined in Asia! Named for the Hubei Province of China, it is a natural turquoise variety. The majority of the world's turquoise now comes from mines in China, due to the scarcity of American turquoise. Some industry experts expect the Chinese varieties to go up in price over the next decade, as it too becomes more rare.

  8. Blue Hubei Turquoise - Etsy

    3.8-4mm Natural Untreated Hubei Turquoise Gemstone Beads,Round Loose Beads,20 Inches Full Strands Cheewaybeads (1,650) $24.99 Natural Turquoise Heishi Bead, Blue Hubei Turquoise, Large Heishi, Rough Cut Turquoise, Southwest Turquoise, 4x2.5mm PRP425 gotbead (6,439) $8.99 Genuine Hubei turquoise and sterling silver earrings.

  9. Chinese Turquoise – Dakota Stones

    Dakota Stone Chinese Turquoise comes from two of the finest mines in the Hubei province, which are the Yungai, which means, "a mountain covered with cloud" and the Zhuxi "a mountain where growing plenty of bamboo". Alphabetically, A-Z Log in Hubei Turquoise 10mm Multi Round - 15-16 Inch Log in Hubei Turquoise 12mm Multi Round - 15-16 Inch Log in

  10. Chinese Turquoise | Durango Silver Company

    Today China has mines that produce a great deal of turquoise. Northwest of Shanghai is the Ma'ashan turquoise mine, and the Hubei Province produces turquoise in colors reminiscent of the now closed mines in Nevada. This turquoise ranges in color from sky blue to spring green as well. Today there are no known producing mines.

  11. Chinese Turquoise Mines

    Northwest of Shanghai is the Ma’ashan turquoise mines, and the Hubei Province produces turquoise in colors reminiscent of the now closed mines in Nevada—the turquoise that comes form China is often compared to the type produced from areas like Nevada. Today China has mines that produce a great deal of turquoise because of the perfect elements.