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  2. Henry II of England - Wikipedia

    Henry was born in Maine at Le Mans on 5 March 1133, the eldest child of the Empress Matilda and her second husband, Geoffrey Plantagenet, Count of Anjou. The French county of Anjou was formed in the 10th century and its Angevin rulers attempted for several centuries to extend their influence and power across France through careful marriages and political alliances.

  3. Henry II | Biography, Accomplishments, & Facts | Britannica

    Henry II, byname Henry of Anjou, Henry Plantagenet, Henry FitzEmpress, or Henry Curtmantle (Short Mantle), (born 1133, Le Mans, Maine [now in France]—died July 6, 1189, near Tours), duke of Normandy (from 1150), count of Anjou (from 1151), duke of Aquitaine (from 1152), and king of England (from 1154), who greatly expanded his Anglo-French domains and strengthened the royal administration in ...

  4. King Henry II Of England | Henry II Facts | DK Find Out

    Toggle text. Reigned: 1154–1189. Henry II (1133–1189) was crowned king of England in 1154. He was already Duke of Normandy and Count of Anjou, and became Duke of Aquitaine when he married Eleanor of Aquitaine, the former queen of France. This not only made Henry powerful but also the head of a large empire, called the Angevin Empire.

  5. Henry Ii |

    Henry II (1133-1189) was king of England from 1154 to 1189. He restored and extended royal authority, supervised great legal reforms, and clashed with Thomas Becket. Born on March 5, 1133, Henry II was the eldest son of Geoffrey, Count of Anjou, and Matilda, daughter of King Henry I. On her father's death Matilda failed to secure England and ...

  6. Henry II (play) - Wikipedia

    Henry The Second, King Of England; With The Death Of Rosamond is a 1692 historical play often attributed to William Mountfort but possibly written by John Bancroft. It was first staged at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane by the United Company. The prologue and epilogue were written by John Dryden. Some incidental music was composed by Henry Purcell .

  7. Henry I of England - Wikipedia

    Henry I ( c. 1068 – 1 December 1135), also known as Henry Beauclerc, was King of England from 1100 to his death in 1135. He was the fourth son of William the Conqueror and was educated in Latin and the liberal arts. On William's death in 1087, Henry's elder brothers Robert Curthose and William Rufus inherited Normandy and England ...

  8. Elizabeth I - Wikipedia

    Father. Henry VIII. Mother. Anne Boleyn. Religion. Protestant. Signature. Elizabeth I (7 September 1533 – 24 March 1603) [a] was Queen of England and Ireland from 17 November 1558 until her death in 1603. Elizabeth was the last monarch of the House of Tudor and is sometimes referred to as the " Virgin Queen ".

  9. The Tragic Tale of King Henry of France: Unraveling the ...

    King Henry, also known as Henry III of France, was a prominent figure in European history during the late 16th century. Born on September 19, 1551, Henry inherited the throne at the tender age of 22 following the death of his brother, King Charles IX.

  10. Jude Law Begins His Reign as Henry VIII in New 'Firebrand' Image

    As King Henry VIII fights overseas, his last wife Katherine is named Regent. Katherine pushed for a new future based on her radical Protestant beliefs, agitating the tyrant Henry. Katherine fights for her survival as the paranoid King returns unleashing his fury on Katherine's friends torturing them in the name of treason.

  11. Fellas, it’s not too late. We can still petition the HOTD ...

    4.2K subscribers in the HOTDGreens community. Here is for the loyal servants of Aegon of House Targaryen, the Second of His Name, King of the Andals…