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  2. How can I change decimal symbol from comma to dot in Ventura OS. Hello. I want to change from "," to "." decimal symbol, but I want to keep this format: 1234567.00. But I can not see this option in Language and region options in ventura OS 13.3.1 (a) (22E772610a) Language is OS Mac is English. Thanks for your help! MacBook Pro 14″, macOS 13.3.

  3. Multiline is not working |

    Multiline is not working. raesitka. (@raesitka) 3 minutes ago. Hi – I’m trying to make a horizontal bar graph and the labels are getting cut off. It says to separate the words with a comma to do multiline, but that is not working. Screenshot here: You must be logged in to reply to this topic.

  4. G - Wikipedia

    The modern lowercase 'g' has two typographic variants: the single-storey (sometimes opentail) ' ' and the double-storey (sometimes looptail) ' '. The single-storey form derives from the majuscule (uppercase) form by raising the serif that distinguishes it from 'c' to the top of the loop, thus closing the loop and extending the vertical stroke downward and to the left.

  5. Select one or more g symbols (ⓖ ⒢ ḡ ℊ ) using the g text symbol keyboard of this page. Copy the selected g symbols by clicking the editor green copy button or CTRL+C. Paste selected g text symbols to your application by tapping paste or CTRL+V. This technique is general and can be used to add or insert g symbols on any device, app, or ...

  6. Ł - WikipediaŁ

    Ł or ł, described in English as L with stroke, is a letter of the Polish, Kashubian, Sorbian, Belarusian Latin, Ukrainian Latin, Wymysorys, Navajo, Dëne Sųłıné, Inupiaq, Zuni, Hupa, Sm'álgyax, Nisga'a, and Dogrib alphabets, several proposed alphabets for the Venetian language, and the ISO 11940 romanization of the Thai script.

  7. Алгебра — ВикипедияАлгебра

    Линейная алгебра — часть алгебры, изучающая векторы, векторные, или линейные пространства, линейные отображения и системы линейных уравнений. К линейной алгебре также относят теорию ...

  8. Ґ — ВикипедияҐ

    Ґ. Ґ, ґ — пятая буква украинского алфавита. Обозначает взрывной звук [ ɡ ], в отличие от фрикативного звука [ ɦ ], который обозначается буквой Г. Также используется в вариантах русинского ...

  9. West Kentucky Star - News

    By West Kentucky Star Staff Jun. 01, 2023 | 01:46 PM | CALLOWAY COUNTY. A traffic stop in Calloway County on Wednesday netted a Hardin man on drug and other charges. Deputies stopped the vehicle on KY 94 East for an alleged traffic violation. The vehicle was searched, reportedly uncovering methamphetamine. The driver, 44-year-old Jeremiah ...

  10. CLAY COUNTY – Crews will continue pavement widening which will require the closure of the northbound I-435 ramp to Shoal Creek Pkwy. This closure will take place daily from approximately 7 a.m. until 3 p.m., June 2-9.

  11. Problem creating custom brush - Affinity | Forum

    I can import it as a .PNG and create a brush but I only get the tails. The image shows the brush settings and an output line. I can clearly see the 'square comma' in the brush settings but this does not seem to be reflected in the line. (Scratches head). I've persisted with this for a couple of hours with no joy.