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    About. EXPLAIN DELEUZE TO ME OR I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU is a memorable 4chan greentext post that was turned into a copypasta following its initial appearance online in 2017. After a 4chan user posted an image of post-modern philosopher Gilles Deleuze to 4chan's /lit/ board, another user posted an agitated-sounding reply in all caps, asking for ...

  3. 4chan - Wikipedia

    4chan( 4ちゃん ( よんちゃん ) /よつばちゃん 、フォーチャン)は、2ちゃんねる創設者の西村博之と未来検索ブラジルが管理運営する、主に英語圏を対象とした世界最大規模の画像掲示板 。2003年 10月1日開設 。

  4. This new Deadpool 3 plot leak is the craziest thing I've ...

    The Mojo World Deadpool 3 plot leak. Fast-forward to mid-May and there’s another 4chan Deadpool 3 plot leak that we’re going to call Mojo World. As you might have guessed, Marvel’s Mojo ...

  5. Sandpaper Floor Room | Know Your Meme

    Sandpaper Floor Room is a hypothetical torture device first described by the Daily Dirt blog in 2004 and popularized by a 4chan post in 2014. The device is depicted as a metal room with a rough grit sandpaper conveyor belt floor that constantly moves in one direction at a very slow speed. The naked victim, trapped in the room, is forced to walk constantly to avoid being scraped until they ...

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  6. 4chan — Вікіпедія

    4chan — анонімна англомовна дошка для зображень (англ. imageboard, «іміджборд») та анонімний веб-форум, заснована 1 жовтня 2003 року Крістофером Пулом (Christopher Poole). 4chan — один з найбільших осередків інтернет-субкультури та ...

  7. Jeffrey Epstein suicide 4chan – Crime Online

    UPDATE, 2:25 p.m. ET: A spokesperson for the Fire Department of New York told BuzzFeed News that the FDNY has reviewed the posts made on the 4chan message board about the apparent suicide of Jeffrey Epstein at the Metropolitan Correctional Facility on Saturday morning.

  8. The Deep State Theory and the Psychological Comfort of ...

    Moreover, conspiracy theories provide comforting psychological reassurance. Believers often feel special or superior, as if they have access to hidden knowledge that others are unaware of. This ...

  9. Possible Spider-Man 2 Story Details Have Leaked - MSN

    A recent post on 4chan, which was subsequently shared on the GamingLeaksAndRumors subreddit, has revealed potential story details of the upcoming Spider-Man 2 game. As with any 4chan leak, the ...

  10. 重要なポイント ・ロシアのSNSはアメリカの過激派(白人至上主義者や陰謀論者など)のネット上の活動拠点となっている。 ・彼らはロシアのプロパガンダメディア(RTやスプートニクなど)へのリンクを共有していた。 ・アメリカの4chanやGabも同様の動きをしている。 ・アメリカの過激派は ...

  11. Body Without Organs | Know Your Meme

    The Body Without Organs is a philosophical concept attributed to French philosopher Gilles Deleuze and expanded upon in collaboration with fellow philosopher Félix Guattari. While the catchphrase can be interpreted in a number of different ways, the ambiguity in deciphering it has led to various creators making memes about a "body without organs." These memes range from humorous depictions of ...

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