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  2. Albrecht von Roon - Wikipedia

    As Minister of War from 1859 to 1873, Roon, along with Otto von Bismarck and Helmuth von Moltke, was a dominating figure in Prussia's government during the key decade of the 1860s, when a series of successful wars against Denmark, Austria, and France led to German unification under Prussia's leadership.

  3. Albrecht Theodor Emil, count von Roon | Prussian minister of war

    Albrecht Theodor Emil, count von Roon, (born April 30, 1803, Pleushagen, near Kolberg, Pomerania [now Kołobrzeg, Pol.]—died Feb. 23, 1879, Berlin), Prussian army officer who, with Chancellor Otto von Bismarck and General Helmuth von Moltke, brought the German Empire into being and made Germany the leading power on the continent of Europe.

  4. Albrecht von Roon | Military Wiki | Fandom

    Roon died in Berlin on February 23, 1879. He was interred in the Roon family crypt at Schloss Krobnitz, west of Görlitz. Memorials The armored cruiser SMS Roon, completed in 1906, was named for Albrecht von Roon. Notes Regarding personal names: Graf is a title, translated as Count, not a first or middle name. The female form is Gräfin .

  5. Albrecht von Roon – Wikipedia

    Albrecht Theodor Emil von Roon, ab 1871 Graf von Roon (* 30. April 1803 in Pleushagen bei Kolberg; † 23. Februar 1879 in Berlin ), war ein preußischer Generalfeldmarschall. Als Kriegsminister hatte er wesentlichen Anteil am Erfolg Preußens in den Deutschen Einigungskriegen. Er gehört zu den bedeutendsten Heeresreformern seiner Zeit.

  6. Albrecht Graf von Roon - Prussian Machine

    Albrecht Theodor Emil Graf von Roon (30.04.1803 - 23.02.1879) place of birth: Pleushagen, Pommern (Poland) Königreich Preußen: Kriegsminister, Ministerpräsident, Generalfeldmarschall Prussian count and field marshal, General von Roon was a military administrator and statesman who had humble beginnings as an orphaned raised by his grandmother.

  7. Statue of Albrecht von Roon - Wikipedia

    Statue of Albrecht von Roon. The sculpture in 2014. Artist. Harro Magnusson. Subject. Albrecht von Roon. Location. Berlin, Germany. The statue of Albrecht von Roon ( German: Roon-Denkmal) is an outdoor 1904 monument to Albrecht von Roon by Harro Magnusson, installed in Tiergarten in Berlin, Germany.

  8. Albrecht von Roon -

    Albrecht von Roon. Count Albrecht Theodor Emil von Roon was born on 30 April 1803 in Pleushagen-Kaltenhagen, near Colberg, in Pomerania (Plesna - Pomerania). His family was of Flemish origin, and ...

  9. Albrecht Graf von Roon - Wikimedia Commons

    Albrecht Graf von Roon. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Deutsch: Albrecht von Roon. English: Albrecht Theodor Emil Graf von Roon (30 April 1803 – 23 February 1879) was a Prussian soldier and politician.

  10. von Bonin, had resigned in his favour - pushed through and imple mented by Albrecht von Roon, the Landwehr was abolished as a sepa rate military institution in 1859-60 and its manpower absorbed into the Line (active) regiments. The reform strengthened the power of the Hohenzollern monarchy both externally - by giving it an all

  11. Albrecht Graf von Roon - Wikipedia

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