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  2. Alessandro Volta - Wikipedia

    Alessandro Giuseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta [alesˈsandro ˈvɔlta]; 18 February 1745 – 5 March 1827) was an Italian physicist who was a pioneer of electricity and [2] [3] [4] who is credited as the inventor of the electric battery and the discoverer of methane.

  3. Alessandro Volta | Biography, Facts, Battery, & Invention

    Alessandro Volta, Italian physicist whose invention of the electric battery in 1800 provided the first source of continuous current. The volt, a unit of the electromotive force that drives current, was named in his honor in 1881. Learn more about Volta’s life and accomplishments in this article.

  4. Alessandro Volta - Biography, Facts and Pictures

    Lived 1745 – 1827. Alessandro Volta was a physicist, chemist and a pioneer of electrical science. He is most famous for his invention of the electric battery. In brief he: • Invented the first electric battery – which people then called the “voltaic pile” – in 1800.

  5. Alessandro Volta | Lemelson

    Italian physicist Alessandro Volta made a number of discoveries in the late 18th and early 19th century critical to the then all-new and growing field of electricity. His development of the first electric pile preceded the modern battery and this, among many other accomplishments, led fellow scientists to immortalize him by naming the unit for ...

  6. Alessandro Volta - Inventor of the Voltaic Pile - ThoughtCo

    Alessandro Volta (1745-1827) invented the first battery. In 1800, he built the voltaic pile and discovered the first practical method of generating electricity. Count Volta also made discoveries in electrostatics, meteorology, and pneumatics. His most famous invention, however, is the first battery.

  7. Alessandro Volta - Magnet Academy - National MagLab

    Alessandro Volta was an Italian scientist whose skepticism of Luigi Galvani ’s theory of animal electricity led him to propose that an electrical current is generated by contact between different metals. Volta’s theoretical and experimental work in this area resulted in his construction of the first battery.

  8. Alessandro Volta, from Current in Frogs to the Electric ...

    Decorated by Napoleon Bonaparte for the invention of the electric battery, the Italian Alessandro Volta (February 18, 1745 – March 5, 1827) did not always have the support of the international community. The physicist showed that it was not the bodies of animals but rather the contact of two metals that produced an electric current, a then ...