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  2. Vilnius - Wikipedia

    Vilnius is the historic and present-day capital of Lithuania. Archeological findings indicate that this city was the capital of the Kingdom of Lithuania and later that of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. After Lithuania formed a dual confederation with the Kingdom of Poland, Vilnius still remained as Lithuania's capital. [31]

  3. Vilnius travel - Lonely Planet | Lithuania, Europe

    The Lithuanian capital, Vilnius, is the country's largest and liveliest city. It's been a Lithuanian centre of power for centuries, going back to the days… Top attractions These are our favorite local haunts, touristy spots, and hidden gems throughout Vilnius. Attractions Restaurants Shopping Entertainment Discover more attractions See

  4. Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, contains one of the largest surviving medieval quarters in Europe. Included on the UNESCO World Heritage List, Old Town contains almost two thousand medieval, gothic, renaissance, and baroque buildings, all centered on the neo-classical cathedral and town hall.

  5. Vilnius, Russian Vilnyus, Polish Wilno, Russian (formerly) Vilna, city, capital of Lithuania, at the confluence of the Neris (Russian Viliya) and Vilnia rivers. Vilnius: old town section A settlement existed on the site in the 10th century, and the first documentary reference to it dates from 1128.

  6. THE 15 BEST Things to Do in Vilnius - Tripadvisor

    Top Attractions in Vilnius 2022 1. Vilnius Old Town 6,070 Neighborhoods Open now By 2mayap The oldest part of the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius, it has developed over the course of many centuries, and has been… 2022 2. KGB Museum (Genocido Auku Muziejus) 3,339

  7. Reasons to visit Vilnius: 8 things to do in Lithuania's ...

    Lithuania’s capital city has been quietly charming tourists for years, drawing in visitors with the largest baroque Old Town in eastern Europe, then wowing them with an offbeat elegance, a complex history and a cultural scene that's uniquely Lithuanian. Vilnius under-promises and over-delivers.

  8. History of Vilnius - Wikipedia

    The city of Vilnius, the capital and largest city of Lithuania, has undergone a diverse history since it was first settled in the Stone Age. Vilnius was the head of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania right until 1795, even during the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth.

  9. The largest city in Lithuania is full of small cafes, charming shops, restaurants, art, and history. We had a fantastic time exploring and can’t wait to return one day. It’s full of exciting activities and sights. Follow our footsteps and some of these great things to do in Vilnius.

  10. Vilnius | Lithuania Travel Guide | Rough Guides

    VILNIUS is a cosmopolitan and thoroughly modern city that is relatively compact and easy to get to know, with a variety of inexpensive attractions and a lively nightlife.

  11. The capital – Vilnius - Lithuania

    Vilnius happens to be one of the few cities in Europe that allows hot air balloons to fly above the centre, and the views you’ll get of the labyrinth-like Old Town’s red roofs and the lush forests in and around the city are sure to take your breath away.