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  2. The Databricks Blog

    Get product updates, Apache Spark best-practices, use cases, and more from the Databricks team.

  3. Libraries | Databricks on AWS

    Notebook-scoped libraries using magic commands are enabled by default in Databricks Runtime 7.1 and above and Databricks Runtime 7.1 ML and above. See Requirements for details. Notebook-scoped libraries with the library utility are available in Databricks Runtime only.

  4. Databricks documentation. Databricks documentation provides how-to guidance and reference information for data analysts, data scientists, and data engineers working in the Databricks Data Science & Engineering, Databricks Machine Learning, and Databricks SQL environments. The Databricks Lakehouse Platform enables data teams to collaborate.

  5. Partners - Databricks

    Databricks Partners. Databricks has over 450 partners globally that provide data, analytics and AI solutions and services to our joint customers using the Databricks Lakehouse Platform. These partners enable you to leverage Databricks to unify all your data and AI workloads for more meaningful insights.

  6. Databricks runtime releases | Databricks on AWS

    Support for Databricks Light 2.4 ended on September 5, 2021, and Databricks recommends that you migrate your Light workloads to the extended support version as soon as you can. Compatibility matrixes This section lists Databricks Runtime and Databricks Runtime ML versions and their respective Delta Lake API and MLflow versions.

  7. Azure Databricks Pricing - Databricks

    A Databricks Unit (DBU) is a normalized unit of processing power on the Databricks Lakehouse Platform used for measurement and pricing purposes. The number of DBUs a workload consumes is driven by processing metrics, which may include the compute resources used and the amount of data processed.

  8. Databricks - Sign In

    Notice: Databricks collects usage patterns to better support you and to improve the product.Learn more

  9. Azure Databricks documentation | Microsoft Learn

    Learn Azure Databricks, a unified analytics platform for data analysts, data engineers, data scientists, and machine learning engineers.

  10. Mit Databricks erhalten Sie ein gemeinsames Sicherheits- und Governance-Modell für alle Ihre Daten-, Analytics- und KI-Assets im Lakehouse in jeder Cloud. Sie können Daten auf Datenplattformen, Clouds oder Regionen ohne Replikation oder Sperrung finden und teilen sowie Datenprodukte über einen offenen Marketplace verteilen.

  11. Help Center - Databricks

    Databricks Runtime ML clusters include the most popular machine learning libraries, and also include libraries required for distributed training such as Horovod..... Databricks for SQL developers This section provides a guide to developing notebooks in the Databricks Data Science & Engineering and Databricks Machine Learning environments using ...