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  2. Grand Duke Nicholas Nikolaevich of Russia - Timenote

    There appears to have been some sentiment to have him head the White Russian forces active in southern Russia at the time, but the leaders in charge, especially General Anton Denikin, were afraid that a strong monarchist figurehead would alienate the more left leaning constituents of the movement.

  3. The Decisive Battles : The Russian Civil War : Orlando Figes

    Section 7: The Russian Civil War. Without an effective force to resist the Red Army, it was only a matter of time before the Komuch lost its hold on the Volga region. The SRs fled to Omsk where their brief Directory government was overthrown by the Rightist officers of the Siberian army who then invited Admiral Kolchak to become the Supreme ...

  4. The October Revolution 1917 : Orlando Figes

    Intro. This section covers the period of Lenin's revolution, from July 1917 to March 1918. We will be explaining the collapse of the Provisional Government and asking what it was that mobilized the masses behind the call for Soviet Power in October 1917? How far did Lenin's call for an uprising meet the mood of the masses?

  5. Migrantes cosacos | migración rusa | contrarrevolucionarios ...

    En mayo de 1929, en el último año de la dictadura de Augusto B. Leguía (1919-1930), arribaron al Perú los primeros cosacos rusos, que provenían de su último refugio en la antigua Yugoslavia ...

  6. Authoritarianism - Polcompball Wiki

    Authoritarianism is a form of government characterized by strong (usually central) power that demands obedience to authority and limited political and civil freedoms. While a multitude of different typologies has been developed by political scientists to classify authoritarian states, qualities commonly associated with authoritarian regimes ...

  7. Authoritarian Conservatism - Polcompball Wiki

    Authoritarian Conservatism (AuthCon) is an authoritarian, culturally right-wing to far-right and economically variable (ranging from centre-left to right-wing) ideology. It believes in a society following traditional values enforced through the state and typically takes the form of an autocratic government built on conservative social values.

  8. Putinism - Polcompball Anarchy Wiki

    White Movement - Ivan Ilyin and Anton Denikin were pretty much the saviors of Russia. Lenin was a bit cringe, NGL Now stop hating Stalin; Stalin - Your patriotic defense of the motherland will never be forgotten, and you're demonized too much for it. I used to allow documentation of your crimes, but now I don't!

  9. National Conservatism - Polcompball Wiki

    National Conservatism ( NatCon) is a statist, culturally right-wing, civically and economically variable, but usually authoritarian right, and nationalist ideology who intends to preserve traditions and national and cultural identity as well as emphasising the protection of national interests, mixing elements of conservatism with nationalism.

  10. Aljabar linear elementer / Howard Anton ; alih bahasa, Pantur ...

    Title: Aljabar linear elementer / Howard Anton ; alih bahasa, Pantur Silaban, I. Nyoman Susila ; editor, Rizal Hutauruk, Author: Hutahuruk, Rizal|Silaban, Pantur|I ...

  11. Solution Manual: Calculus 9th edition by Howard Anton

    Solution Manual: Calculus 9th edition by Howard Anton. This is the solution manual for students and teachers for one of the most versatile books on calculus. Please enjoy reading and DONOT forget to share and link back to us. Volila!