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  2. Anton Graff - Wikipedia

    Anton Graff (18 November 1736 – 22 June 1813) was an eminent Swiss portrait artist. Among his famous subjects were Friedrich Schiller, Christoph Willibald Gluck, Heinrich von Kleist, Frederick the Great, Friederike Sophie Seyler, Johann Gottfried Herder, Gotthold Ephraim Lessing, Moses Mendelssohn and Christian Felix Weiße.

  3. Portraits of Frederick the Great - Wikipedia

    Idealized portrait of Frederick the Great by Anton Graff, 1781. Frederick the Great was the subject of many portraits. Many were painted during Frederick's life, and he would give portraits of himself as gifts. Almost all portraits of Frederick are idealized and do not reflect how he looked according to his death mask.

  4. Anton Graff (18 November 1736 – 22 June 1813) was a Swiss painter, of the period called Classicism. He mostly did portrait painting. He was among the most important painters of his time.

  5. Anton Graff - 15 artworks -

    Anton Graff Born: 1736 Died: 1813 Nationality: Swiss Art Movement: Neoclassicism Order Oil Painting reproduction Anton Graff Artworks View all 15 artworks Anton Graff lived in the XVIII – XIX cent., a remarkable figure of Swiss Neoclassicism. Find more works of this artist at – best visual art database.

  6. Anton Graff (November 18, 1736 June 22, 1813) a famous German artist of the second half of the 18th early 19th centuries, an outstanding master of the portrait genre of his era. Anton Graff, at a later stage in his work, also painted several beautiful portraits and more than 300 original drawings with a silver needle.

  7. Anton Graff Faces of an Epoch - Staatliche Museen zu Berlin

    Anton Graff (1736-1813), an artist from Winterthur in Switzerland, was the most important portraitist of the German Enlightenment. Like no other painter at the time, he shaped the image of the aristocracy and the bourgeoisie, of poets and thinkers, and of emancipated women at the cusp of modernity.

  8. Anton Graff | Swiss artist | Britannica

    Swiss artist Learn about this topic in these articles: Old National Gallery In Old National Gallery Caroline Bardua, Emma Körner, and Anton Graff. Examples of Romantic art include a number of paintings by the German master Caspar David Friedrich, as well as portraits by Philipp Otto Runge.

  9. Anton Graff - Wikiwand

    (1781). This portrait is regarded as Anton Graff's . Contemporaries claimed it was the best and most accurate portrait of Frederick the Great. It is the most famous, most copied and most reproduced portrait of the King of Prussia.

  10. Self-Portrait with Eye-shade - Anton GraffGoogle Arts &...

    Artist biography: Anton Graff was a Swiss artist, especially known for his portraits. He served as apprentice under the court painter Schneider and became court painter himself in Dresden in 1766, where he later went on to work as a professor at the Dresden Art Academy.

  11. Category : Male portrait paintings by Anton Graff

    Anton Graff - Portrait of Johann N. Schaffgotsch in a dressing gown - 231164 - National Museum in Warsaw.jpg 3,198 × 4,000; 1.65 MB. Anton Graff - Portrait of Johann N. Schaffgotsch in a military uniform - 231163 - National Museum in Warsaw.jpg 3,246 × 4,000; 1.87 MB.