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  2. Antonio Pacinotti - Wikipedia

    Antonio Pacinotti ( Pisa, 17 giugno 1841 – Pisa, 25 marzo 1912) è stato un patriota, politico e scienziato italiano, a cui si deve l'invenzione della dinamo e del motore elettrico in corrente continua. Indice 1 Biografia 2 Studi astronomici e scoperte 3 Studi tecnici e contributi 4 Studi scientifici ed invenzione della dinamo

  3. Antonio Pacinotti - Wikipedia

    Antonio Pacinotti (17 June 1841 – 24 March 1912) was an Italian physicist, who was Professor of Physics at the University of Pisa . Biography Pacinotti was born in Pisa, where he also died.

  4. Antonio Pacinotti (1841–1912) | Nature

    ON June 17 occurs the centenary of the birth of the Italian physicist Antonio Pacinotti, who contributed to the early development of the dynamo. Born at Pisa, where his father, Luigi Pacinotti...

  5. Professor Antonio Pacinotti, original inventor of the d-c dynamo with its commutator, and of the ring and toothed types of armature, was born at Pisa, Italy, 17 June 1841; his death occurred in that city on 24 March 1912, only a few weeks after his election on 12 January 1912, as an Honorary Member of the AIEE.

  6. Dynamo - Wikipedia

    Antonio Pacinotti, an Italian physics professor, solved this problem around 1860 by replacing the spinning two-pole axial coil with a multi-pole toroidal one, which he created by wrapping an iron ring with a continuous winding, connected to the commutator at many equally spaced points around the ring; the commutator being divided into many segme...

  7. IEEE Milestone:First Studies on Ring Armature for Direct ...

    A dynamo with a slotted ring armature, described and built at the University of Pisa by Antonio Pacinotti, was a significant step leading to practical electrical machines for direct current. Groups of turns of the closed winding were connected to the bars of a commutator.

  8. Antonio Pacinotti -

    Antonio Pacinotti, the renowned Italian physicist, was a man of great ingenuity and vision. He was the mastermind behind several groundbreaking discoveries that revolutionized the world of physics. Born on 17 June 1841 in Pisa, Italy, Pacinotti had a keen interest in the field of physics from a young age.

  9. Pacinotti, Antonio |

    PACINOTTI, ANTONIO. ( b. Pisa, Italy, 17 June 1841; d. Pisa, 24 March 1912) electrophysics. Although Pacinotti spent most of his life as a physics professor at various Italian universities, his subsequent reputation was due largely to his invention of a new form of armature used in electric motors and generators.

  10. Ring Armature for DC Dynamos Honored With an IEEE Milestone

    Italian inventor Antonio Pacinotti worked to solve the problem. In 1858, while Pacinotti was attending the University of Pisa, in Italy, he experimented with creating a dynamo that could transform mechanical force into continuous electric current.

  11. Gramme machine - Wikipedia

    Inspired by a machine invented by Antonio Pacinotti in 1860, Gramme was the developer of a new induced rotor in form of a wire-wrapped ring ( Gramme ring) and demonstrated this apparatus to the Academy of Sciences in Paris in 1871.