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  2. Arthur St. Clair - Wikipedia

    Arthur St. Clair (March 23, 1737 [O.S. 1736] – August 31, 1818) was a Scottish-American soldier and politician. Born in Thurso, Scotland, he served in the British Army during the French and Indian War before settling in Pennsylvania , where he held local office.

  3. Arthur St. Clair | American Battlefield Trust

    St. Clair’s Massacre” stands as one of the worst defeats in American military history. Arthur St. Clair was condemned as “worse than a murderer” by President Washington and the massacre caused the first investigation of the executive branch under the new United States Constitution.

  4. Arthur St. Clair · George Washington's Mount Vernon

    President of the Continental Congress (1787); Governor of the Northwest Territory (1788-1802) The high point of Arthur St. Clair's long military career, which began when he was a young British officer in the French and Indian War, came when General George Washington visited his quarters in Trenton, New Jersey on the evening of January 2, 1777.

  5. Arthur St Clair |

    Continental general. Scotland-Massachusetts-Pennsylvania. Born in Thurso, Scotland, on 23 March 1737, St. Clair gave up his medical education to buy an ensign's commission in the Sixtieth Foot (Royal Americans) on 13 May 1757.

  6. The Governor of the Northwest Territory, Major General Arthur St. Clair, a veteran general of the American Revolution, commanded an Army of militia, six-month volunteers and regulars. To...

  7. Major General Arthur St. Clair - The Army Historical Foundation

    Major General Arthur St. Clair. Arthur St. Clair was born in Thurso, Scotland, on 23 March 1736 (Old Style). After a brief stint at the University of Edinburgh, he purchased a commission as an ensign in Great Britain’s 60th Royal American Regiment.

  8. Arthur St. Clair - Ohio History Central

    Arthur St. Clair was a political and military leader in the Ohio country in the years of the American Revolution and the new nation. He was the first governor of the Northwest Territory. St. Clair was born on March 23, 1736, in Scotland. Some sources list his birth year as 1734 or 1737.

  9. Pennsylvania Center for the Book

    Arthur St. Clair was a General in the Revolutionary War and the first Governor of the Northwest Territory. Abstract: Born on March 23, 1737, in Scotland, Arthur St. Clair was fortunate enough to attend medical school for a short while. Following his mother's death, St. Clair joined the British army in the French and Indian War overseas.

  10. Arthur St. Clair | To Form a More Perfect Union | Articles and...

    (1736-1818) Born in Scotland, Arthur St. Clair unsuccessfully studied anatomy before deciding to enlist in the British army. During the Revolutionary War, St. Clair fought for the Americans, but failed so miserably in defending Fort Ticonderoga that Congress recalled him from service in 1777.

  11. Arthur St. Clair | U.S. general | Britannica

    Arthur St. Clair. A fresh regiment of infantry recruits and additional militiamen accompanied the original expeditionary regiment, but, when St. Clair reached the upper part of the Wabash River, his army was defeated by Little Turtle in a deadly ambush. The U.S. casualty rate was…. Read More.