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  2. Mackensen, August von | International Encyclopedia of the ...

    Mackensen, August Anton Ludwig von. German soldier and general field marshal of the German army. Born 06 December 1849 in Haus Leipnitz, Kingdom of Prussia. Died 08 November 1945 in Burghorn near Celle, British zone of occupation. August von Mackensen was one of the most famous and successful German commanders during the First World War.

  3. August von Mackensen Biography - German field marshal (1849 ...

    August von Mackensen Anton Ludwig Friedrich August von Mackensen (born Mackensen; 6 December 1849 – 8 November 1945), ennobled as "von Mackensen" in 1899, was a German field marshal. He commanded successfully during World War I of 1914–1918 and became one of the German Empire's most prominent and competent military leaders.

  4. Collections Online | British Museum

    primary name:Mackensen, Anton Ludwig August Details individual; military/naval; German; Male Life dates 1849-1945 Biography General Field Marschall in the German army during World War I. 7 related objects medal Museum number 1919,0817.93

  5. First World - Primary Documents - August von ...

    August von Mackensen's Announcement Regarding Success of the Romanian Campaign, 3 March 1917 The Rumanian declaration of war against Austro.-Hungary on August 27, 1916, was followed on the next day by a declaration of war against Rumania by Germany.

  6. 23 November 1914 – Mackensen’s Hat. The Battle of Łódź is a very near thing today as General August von Mackensen withdraws his right flank just in time to avoid being surrounded and completely destroyed by one Russian army in his own attempt to surround and destroy a second Russian army. The heaviest fighting over the last three days ...

  7. Hans Georg von Mackensen - Wikipedia

    August von Mackensen (1849–1945) Dorothea von Horn (1854–1905) Hans Georg von Mackensen (26 January 1883 – 28 September 1947) was a German diplomat who served at different stages as "State Secretary" at the Foreign Ministry, German ambassador in Rome and a SS senior Group Leader ( "Gruppenführer" ) .

  8. How and when did von Mackensen die? - Axis History Forum

    Hello! Generalfeldmarschall August von Mackensen died 8th november 1945 in Burghorn (near Celle, Niedersachsen in the north of Germany), while escaping from the Red Army. His grave is on the Stadtfriedhof (municipal cemetery) in Celle. April 13th, 1945 british soldiers conquered Burghorn, where v. Mackensen lived at this time.

  9. How do countries like Serbia and Romania view August von ...

    Answer (1 of 8): Marie of Romania - Wikipedia Starting the war alongside the Entente, Romania played the riskiest game in its history. From a strategic point of view, it was madness.

  10. ...why von Mackensen? : r/hoi4 - reddit

    He was a conservative, a member of Stahlhelm (paramilitary organization that was forcibly subsumed into the SA in 34), a propagator of the stab-in-the-back myth, an anticommunist and an antisemite. He had a lukewarm relationship with the Nazis, occasionally lending his popularity to the Fuhrer in rallies.

  11. Eberhard von Mackensen - Wikipedia

    23 languages. Friedrich August Eberhard von Mackensen (24 September 1889 – 19 May 1969) was a German general and war criminal during World War II who served as commander of the 1st Panzer Army and the 14th Army. Following the war, Mackensen stood trial for war crimes before a British military tribunal in Italy where he was convicted and ...