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  2. Hans Georg von Mackensen - Wikipedia

    His father, August von Mackensen (1849–1945), was eventually, in 1915, promoted to the rank of Field Marshal: Even after 1918, August von Mackensen would remain an unapologetic high-profile monarchist traditionalist who in 1941, despite his advanced age and the difficulties of travelling in war time, made his way to Doorn (near Utrecht) where, dressed in his full military uniform from the imperial years, he attended the funeral of the former German emperor.

  3. Hans Georg von Mackensen – Wikipedia

    Hans Georg von Mackensen (rechts) bei der Beisetzung des italienischen Polizeichefs Arturo Bocchini in Rom (21. November 1940) Hans Georg Viktor von Mackensen (* 26. Januar 1883 in Berlin; † 28. September 1947 in Konstanz) war ein deutscher Staatssekretär, Botschafter und SS-Gruppenführer .

  4. Hans Georg von Mackensen - Wikiwand

    Hans Georg von Mackensen was a German diplomat who served at different stages as "State Secretary" at the Foreign Ministry, German ambassador in Rome and a SS senior Group Leader .[1][2][3][4] For faster navigation, this Iframe is preloading the Wikiwand page for Hans Georg von Mackensen .

  5. Eberhard von Mackensen - Wikipedia

    Friedrich August Eberhard von Mackensen (24 September 1889 – 19 May 1969) was a German general and war criminal during World War II who served as commander of the 1st Panzer Army and the 14th Army. Following the war, Mackensen stood trial for war crimes before a British military tribunal in Italy where he was convicted and sentenced to death for his involvement in the Ardeatine massacre .

  6. August von Mackensen - Wikipedia

    Anton Ludwig Friedrich August von Mackensen (born Mackensen; 6 December 1849 – 8 November 1945), ennobled as "von Mackensen" in 1899, was a German field marshal. He commanded successfully during World War I (1914–1918) and became one of the German Empire 's most prominent and competent military leaders.

  7. Hans Georg von Mackensen - Wikipedia

    Mackensen nacque in una famosa famiglia militare. Suo padre era il feldmaresciallo August von Mackensen, suo fratello il generale Eberhard von Mackensen. Hans Georg fu educato da bambino con il principe Augusto Guglielmo di Prussia nel 1902 ed iniziò la carriera di ufficiale nel 1. Garde-Regiment zu Fuß. La formazione durò fino al 1907, ma contemporaneamente studiò legge.

  8. August von Mackensen | German military officer | Britannica

    August von Mackensen, (born Dec. 6, 1849, Haus Leipnitz, Saxony [Germany]—died Nov. 8, 1945, Celle, Ger.), German field marshal and one of the most successful commanders in World War I. Beginning his army career in 1869, Mackensen served in various campaigns, received successive promotions, and, during World War I, took command of the combined German-Austrian 11th Army in western Galicia (Poland; April 1915).

  9. 47 Hans Georg Von Mackensen Photos and Premium High Res ...

    Mackensen, Hans-Georg von*26.01.1883-+Diplomat, Germany- Portrait- Photographer: Presse-Illustrationen Heinrich Hoffmann- 1938Vintage property of... Benito Mussolini *29.07.1883-+Politiker, Italien1925-1943/45 Diktator Italiens- in der Nähe von Rom vor der Besatzungeines Eisenbahn - Flakzuges, den...

  10. Hans Georg von Mackensen - Axis History Forum

    * Son of then Hauptmann (later Generalfeldmarschall) August Freiherr von [title of nobility conferred 27.01.1899] Mackensen (born 06.12.1849 in Haus Leibnitz bei Schmiedeberg / Kreis Wittenberg, died 08.11.1945 in Gut Burghorn bei Celle) and his wife Doris, née von Horn.

  11. Mackensen - Wikipedia

    Mackensen. Mackensen may refer to: Mackensen (Dassel), a village in Dassel, Lower Saxony, Germany. August von Mackensen (1849-1945), German World War I field marshal. Two of his sons: Eberhard von Mackensen (1889-1969), German World War II general. Hans Georg von Mackensen (1883-1947), German diplomat. Fritz Mackensen (1866-1953), German painter.