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  2. Auguste Comte | Biography, Books, Sociology, Positivism ...

    Auguste Comte, in full Isidore-Auguste-Marie-François-Xavier Comte, (born January 19, 1798, Montpellier, France—died September 5, 1857, Paris), French philosopher known as the founder of sociology and of positivism.

  3. Auguste Comte - Wikipedia

    Atatürk. Isidore Marie Auguste François Xavier Comte ( French: [oˈɡyst kɔ̃t] ( listen); 19 January 1798 – 5 September 1857) [6] was a French philosopher, mathematician and writer who formulated the doctrine of positivism. He is often regarded as the first philosopher of science in the modern sense of the term. [7]

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  4. Altruism | ethics | Britannica

    The term (French altruisme, derived from Latin alter, “other”) was coined in the 19th century by Auguste Comte, the founder of Positivism, and adopted generally as a convenient antithesis to egoism. As a theory of conduct, its adequacy depends on an interpretation of “the good.”

  5. What is Sociology: Origin & Famous Sociologists

    Although originally coined by Emannuel-Joseph Sieyes, the French sociologist Auguste Comte popularized sociology in the 19th century. Comte believed that human behavior could be broken down into a set of laws which, when understood, could solve social problems.

  6. Show more. Auguste Comte (1798-1857) was a French philosopher and social theorist who is often regarded as the founder of positivism and sociology. He sought to establish a systematic approach to ...

  7. 44 of the Wisest Auguste Comte Quotes (WISDOM)

    Top 18 Most Famous Auguste Comte Quotes (BEST) The truest wisdom is a resolute determination to follow the best course open to us, regardless of consequences. The only way to ensure the progress of society is to establish a hierarchy of knowledge , with the natural sciences at the top.

  8. Henri de Saint-Simon | French social reformer | Britannica

    Henri de Saint-Simon, in full Claude-Henri de Rouvroy, Comte (count) de Saint-Simon, (born Oct. 17, 1760, Paris, Fr.—died May 19, 1825, Paris), French social theorist and one of the chief founders of Christian socialism.

  9. Louis XVI - Wikipedia

    Louis XVI (Louis Auguste; French: [lwi sɛːz]; 23 August 1754 – 21 January 1793), sometimes known as The Last, was the last king of France before the fall of the monarchy during the French Revolution .

  10. Auguste Comte, 1798-1857 - History Guide

    Auguste Comte, 1798-1857. There are a number of solid Internet resources about the work of Auguste Comte, but not as many as one might expect. This is especially troubling since Comte is known as the "father of sociology." Auguste Comte and Positivism offers an extensive collection of material related to positivism and Comte's role in the ...

  11. Comte, el mito del hombre moderno sin necesidad de Dios

    Comte, el mito del hombre moderno sin necesidad de Dios. Auguste Comte (1798-1857) terminó elaborando una religión laica. Un nuevo culto a la humanidad del futuro. 16 DE MARZO DE 2013 · 23:00 ...

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