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  2. Philosophy - Wikipedia

    Historically, philosophy encompassed all bodies of knowledge and a practitioner was known as a philosopher. ... This section needs additional citations for verification.

  3. The Philosophy of Happiness in Life (+ Aristotle's View)

    The basic role of ‘philosophy’ is to ask questions, and think about the nature of human thought and the universe. Thus, a discussion of the philosophy of happiness in life can be seen as an examination of the very nature of happiness and what it means for the universe. Philosophers have been inquiring about happiness since ancient times.

  4. Originally, men were generated from fishes and were fed in the manner of a viviparous shark. The reason for this is said to be that the human child needs long protection in order to survive. Some authors have, rather anachronistically, seen in these scattered statements a proto-evolutionist theory. 9. Conclusion

  5. Aristotle (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

    Natural philosophy also incorporates the special sciences, including biology, botany, and astronomical theory. Most contemporary critics think that Aristotle treats psychology as a sub-branch of natural philosophy, because he regards the soul (psuchê) as the basic principle of life, including all animal and plant life. In fact, however, the ...

  6. Naturalism (philosophy) - Wikipedia

    In philosophy, naturalism is the idea or belief that only natural laws and forces (as opposed to supernatural ones) operate in the universe.. Naturalism is not so much a special system as a point of view or tendency common to a number of philosophical and religious systems; not so much a well-defined set of positive and negative doctrines as an attitude or spirit pervading and influencing many ...

  7. Here you will find ebooks and articles as well as audios and videos on yoga, meditation, philosophy, scriptural texts and related subjects. This priceless wisdom is made commensurate to the needs of aspiring seekers and is brought to us by one of India's renowned Masters.