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  2. Büssing - Wikipediaüssing

    Büssing AG was a German bus and truck manufacturer, established in 1903 by Heinrich Büssing (1843–1929) in Braunschweig. It quickly evolved to one of the largest European producers, whose utility vehicles with the Brunswick Lion emblem were widely distributed, especially from the 1930s onwards.

  3. Büssing AG – Wikipediaüssing_AG

    Die Büssing AG wurde von Heinrich Büssing im Jahr 1903 als Heinrich Büssing, Specialfabrik für Motorlastwagen, Motoromnibusse und Motoren, Braunschweig, Elmstraße gegründet und entwickelte sich zu einem der größten Anbieter von Omnibussen und Lastkraftwagen in Mitteleuropa mit beachtlichen Exporten auch nach Übersee.

  4. Heinrich Büssing: the life of this truck and bus pioneer

    This German inventor owned almost 250 patents and founded several companies, including the future Büssing AG, which was taken over by MAN in 1971. The bicycle pioneer Heinrich Büssing (front) with his self-built 3-wheeler.

  5. Büssing A5P - Wikipediaüssing_A5P

    Power/weight. 8.7 hp/tonne. Operational. range. 240 kilometres (150 mi) Maximum speed. 34 kilometres per hour (21 mph) The Büssing A5P was an armoured car produced in Germany during World War I .

  6. Büssing A5P - Tank Encyclopedia

    The Büssing A5P is one of few armored vehicles built by the German Empire during the First World War. Its symmetrical design and great dimensions make it stand out from other designs of the time. With the order given to the company Büssing to design an armored car at the end of 1914, work progressed the following year and production of one ...

  7. Büssing - Historic Vehicles

    Büssing manufactured trolley buses between 1933 and 1966, producing approximately 71 models. In 1934, Büssing took over Neue Automobil Gesellschaft (NAG) and Büssing used the brand Büssing-NAG until 1950. From 1936, Büssing produced two-axle and three-axle tram buses with underfloor engines.

  8. 1973: the underfloor engine 16 U | MAN - MAN Truck & Bus

    MAN introduced a number of truck models from Büssing into its portfolio in the 1970s under the name MAN-Büssing. The 16 U was distinguished by a special feature in truck building: an underfloor engine. This construction enabled cabs to have a lot of extra space and comfort.

  9. Sd.Kfz.231 6-rad - Tank Encyclopedia

    Development of the Sd.Kfz.231. The Army Weapons Department issued specifications for a 6 wheeled truck with a rear 4-wheel drive in 1929, to be used for scouting operations, with good endurance, range and off-road capabilities. Magirus presented the M-206, Büssing its G-31 and Daimler-Benz the G3.6.

  10. Büssing was a German bus and truck manufacturer established by Heinrich Büssing (1843-1929) at Braunschweig in 1903. Büssing's first truck was a 2 ton payload machine powered by a 2-cylinder gasoline engine and featuring worm drive. That successful design was later built under licence by other...

  11. 1903. Founder. Heinrich Büssing. Headquarters. Braunschweig, Germany. In 1903, Henry Bussing organized bus production Büssing AG. The first car of the brand was a two-ton truck, the second – a minibus Büssing HP. Their radiator was already adorned by the Braunschweig lion – the heraldic symbol of the hometown of Bussings, and now the ...