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  2. Barthélemy-Prosper Enfantin - Wikipediaélemy-Prosper_Enfantin

    Barthélemy-Prosper Enfantin (8 February 1796 – 1 September 1864) was a French social reformer, one of the founders of Saint-Simonianism. He was also a proponent of a Suez canal . Early life Enfantin was born in Paris, the son of a banker of Dauphiné. After receiving his early education at a lyceum, he was sent in 1813 to the École polytechnique.

  3. Barthélemy-Prosper Enfantin | French Socialist, Political ...

    Barthélemy-Prosper Enfantin, (born Feb. 8, 1796, Paris, Fr.—died Sept. 1, 1864, Paris), eccentric French social, political, and economic theorist who was a leading member of the St. Simonian movement. After studies at the École Polytechnique, Enfantin traveled widely and frequented secret societies in Paris.

  4. Prosper Enfantin — Wikipédia

    Prosper Enfantin, dit « le Père Enfantin », né le 8 février 1796 à Paris où il est mort dans le 9e arrondissement le 31 août 1864 1, est un réformateur social français, l’un des principaux chefs de file du mouvement saint-simonien .

  5. Enfantin, Barthélemy Prosper |

    Barthélemy Prosper Enfantin (bärtālmē´ prôspĕr´ äNfäNtăN´), 1796–1864, French socialist, sometimes called Père Enfantin. He became a leader of the movement started by the comte de Saint-Simon. Under his guidance the Saint-Simonian school put increasing emphasis upon religious and moral regeneration and less upon political reform.

  6. BARTHÉLEMY PROSPER ENFANTIN (1796-1864) - Encyclopædia ...

    BARTHÉLEMY PROSPER. (1796-1864) Fils d'un banquier parisien, Enfantin, après des études à l'École polytechnique dont il démissionne en 1815, devient négociant en vins, puis, ayant voyagé en Allemagne et aux Pays-Bas, banquier à Saint-Pétersbourg. Ayant été présenté à Saint-Simon, il en devient l'un des plus ardents disciples.

  7. Barthélemy-Prosper Enfantin - Wikiwandélemy-Prosper_Enfantin

    Barthélemy-Prosper Enfantin was a French social reformer, one of the founders of Saint-Simonianism. He was also a proponent of a Suez canal.

  8. Barthélemy-Prosper Enfantin - NNDB

    Barthélemy-Prosper Enfantin Born: 8-Feb - 1796 Birthplace: Paris, France Died: 1-Sep - 1864 Location of death: Paris, France Cause of death: unspecified Gender: Male Race or Ethnicity: White Occupation: Religion, Activist Nationality: France Executive summary: Saint-Simonist, cult leader

  9. Saint-Simonian Feminism: Feminist Economics: Vol 7, No 1

    Barthélemy-Prosper Enfantin, a leader in the movement, and a few disciples developed an increasingly utopian and abstract theory that justified "protecting" women from the hardening influence of the world and removing them from the public sphere, while arguing that in the new world women would play a role distinct from, yet equal to, that played...

  10. Saint-Simonianism | political philosophy | Britannica

    In economic planning: Origins of planning …French 19th-century capitalism known as Saint-Simonianism—were in favour of the state taking a leading role in economic affairs. Read More role of Enfantin In Barthélemy-Prosper Enfantin Simonian movement. Read More Heine In Heinrich Heine: Later life and works