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  2. Slavery, long banned and universally condemned, persists in many corners of the world, victimizing tens of millions of people.

  3. Bear and bull sculptures, antique stock ticker tape machines, Antique Maps, Wall Street Bull and Bear Statues and antique stock certificates are just some of the many financial-themed gifts available. You can also find desk accessories, art, vintage financial books, and Stock Market Greeting Cards-- all celebrating the history of the stock exchange

  4. Collection: Stock Certificates - Wall Street Treasures, LLC

    Free Shipping! Old stock certificates for sale from Enron, Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Apple, Microsoft, Berkshire Hathaway, Disney, Merrill Lynch, Schwab. We sell old, vintage, antique, collectible stock certificates and bond certificates for sale. Stock certificate gifts for sale.

  5. The Advance of Hubbard Glacier - NASA

    Bear Glacier, Gulf of Alaska. Although they move slowly, glaciers do move, and this movement alters the ice as it passes over land. Likewise, a moving glacier can carry with it evidence of geologic events it has witnessed. The Bear Glacier in the Kenai Peninsula along the Gulf of Alaska bears multiple clues about its past. Image of the Day Land

  6. Banktracker | Investigative Reporting Workshop

    Five years ago last week Bear Stearns, then one of the nation’s largest brokerage houses, told the Federal Reserve it was out of money. Despite a $12.9 billion emergency loan from the Fed, within two days Bear Stearns was forced to merge with JP Morgan Chase — a deal facilitated with a $29 billion loan …

  7. Frank Preston Stearns: Cambridge Sketches. Robert Louis Stevenson: Fables | Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Donald Ogden Stewart: A Parody Outline of History. T. H.D. Traill: Sterne. Mark Twain (an American writer, humorist, and journalist, most famous for his stories of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn.