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  2. Bell Labs - Wikipedia

    Nokia Bell Labs, originally named Bell Telephone Laboratories (1925–1984), [1] then AT&T Bell Laboratories (1984–1996) [2] and Bell Labs Innovations (1996–2007), [3] is an American industrial research and scientific development company owned by Finnish company Nokia. With headquarters located in Murray Hill, New Jersey, the company operates several laboratories in the United States and around the world.

  3. Home - Bell Laboratories

    Welcome to Bell Laboratories, The World Leader In Rodent Control Technology®. An exclusive manufacturer of rodent control products, Bell Laboratories produces the highest quality rodenticides and other rodent control products available to the pest control and agricultural industries on six continents. Bell has developed a complete line of products - rodenticides, tamper-resistant bait stations, non-poisonous glue boards, mechanical traps and attractants - to control rodents in any situation.

  4. At Nokia Bell Labs, we are constantly challenging the status quo and relentlessly pushing boundaries. We admire the talent to create. We embrace unique ideas and cultivate passion for building things that matter. If you embody any of those qualities, we look forward to adding your unique abilities to our team.

  5. Bell Laboratories | History & Facts | Britannica

    Bell Laboratories, formerly AT&T Bell Laboratories, Inc., byname Bell Labs, in full Nokia Bell Labs, the longtime research-and-development arm of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company . It is now part of the Finnish telecommunications company Nokia. Headquarters for the laboratories are in Murray Hill, New Jersey.

  6. For nearly 100 years, we’ve been inventing the future of technology, from the early days of the Bell Telephone System to the latest 5G standards. We constantly improve, innovate and propel communication forward, solving the challenges of human needs before they exist. Bell Laboratories is born from Alexander Graham Bell’s team of engineers and scientists, beginning a legacy of innovation that we carry on today.

  7. Products - Bell Laboratories

    Noted for outstanding rodent acceptance and control, Bell's rodenticides contain the highest grade toxicants and inert ingredients. To meet the wide demands of rodent control, Bell manufactures rodenticides in several formulations: extruded BLOX, soft bait, pellets, seed, meal, liquid bait and tracking powder. Active ingredients manufactured at Bell include: bromadiolone, diphacinone, bromethalin, brodifacoum, and sodium salt of diphacinone.

  8. Bell Labs Holmdel Complex - Wikipedia

    The Bell Labs Holmdel Complex, in Holmdel Township, Monmouth County, New Jersey, United States, functioned for 44 years as a research and development facility, initially for the Bell System and later Bell Labs. [3]

  9. Transistor - Innovation at Bell Labs | Britannica

    Bell Labs scientists, engineers, and technicians first had to find ways to make ultrapure germanium and silicon, form large crystals of these elements, dope them with narrow layers of the required impurities, and attach delicate wires to these layers to serve as electrodes. In July 1951 Bell Labs announced the successful invention and development of the junction transistor, this time with only Shockley in the spotlight.

  10. Bell Labs was on its way to becoming the world’s largest industrial research laboratory. In the 1930s and through the end of World War II, Bell Labs continued to expand. The company established new research facilities in New Jersey, where open land was still plentiful and cheap, and radio research could be conducted free of the interference found in New York City.

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    Find your nearest lab location and schedule an appointment using the search below. To make an appointment or get detailed lab information use the search below. Walk-ins are also welcome. Please note that not all lab locations offer all services. *All fields are required, except ones marked as optional. OR. Reason for your visit.