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  2. Benjamin Harrison Awakens a Navy Anesthetized by America’s ...

    When a seventh president, Benjamin Harrison (1833 to 1901; U.S. president, 1889 to 1993), finally championed modernizing the U.S. Navy, he was featured gallantly in 1891 by Judge on one of that satirical magazine’s cover pictorials. On a rocky outcropping dated “1861,” a drowsy sailor is identified as a “U.S. Marine” ( upper right ).

  3. Benjamin Harrison - Wikipedia

    In addition, Harrison substantially strengthened and modernized the U.S. Navy and conducted an active foreign policy, but his proposals to secure federal education funding as well as voting rights enforcement for African Americans were unsuccessful.

  4. Benjamin Harrison: A Presidential Legacy

    In his inaugural address Harrison supported protective tariffs, statehood for western territories, modernization of the Navy, and pensions for Civil War veterans. He acted independently when selecting his cabinet, refusing to follow the patronage system–and angering Republican party bosses in the process.

  5. Adams, Benjamin Harrison - Navy

    Benjamin Harrison Adams was born in Armour, South Dakota, on 5 November 1888. In 1912 he attended Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois; 1913, Cornell College, Mount Vernon, Iowa; and...

  6. Knowing the Presidents: Benjamin Harrison | Smithsonian ...

    Pursuing the most active agenda in foreign policy since Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Harrison set forth legislation that incorporated Hawaii into the United States, launching the nation on the road to empire that would distinguish the U.S. at the turn of the century. Harrison began three distinguished initiatives: the construction of a modern navy ...

  7. Benjamin Harrison: Life in Brief | Miller Center

    On the international front, Harrison was the most active President since Abraham Lincoln. He convened the first Pan-American Conference in 1889. He negotiated an American protectorate over the Samoan Islands, attempted to annex Hawaii, and continued the work of modernizing and expanding the United States Navy into a world-class fleet.

  8. Benjamin Harrison: Life Before the Presidency | Miller Center

    From 1881 to 1887, Harrison served as a U.S. senator from Indiana. In that capacity, he supported many of the issues that he later championed as President: pensions for Civil War veterans, statehood for Dakota (then considered one territory and thus one state), high protective tariffs, limited civil service reform, a modernized navy, and ...

  9. Presidency of Benjamin Harrison - Wikipedia

    Harrison facilitated the creation of the National Forests through an amendment to the General Revision Act (1891), and substantially strengthened and modernized the United States Navy. He proposed, in vain, federal education funding as well as voting rights enforcement for African Americans in the South.

  10. Benjamin Harrison Adams - Navy

    Upon obtaining his commission In the Navy Medical Corps Reserve In June, 1918, he was assigned duty at the Naval Hospital, Great Lakes, Illinois, where he served throughout the remainder ot'...