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  2. Biscay - Wikipedia

    Biscay ( / ˈbɪskeɪ, ˈbɪski /; [1] [2] Basque: Bizkaia [bis̻kai.a]; Spanish: Vizcaya [biθˈkaʝa]) is a province of Spain and a historical territory of the Basque Country, heir of the ancient Lordship of Biscay, lying on the south shore of the eponymous bay. The capital and largest city is Bilbao.

  3. Vizcaya | province, Spain | Britannica

    Vizcaya, conventional Biscay, Basque Bizkaia, provincia (province) in the comunidad autónoma (autonomous community) of Basque Country, northern Spain. Originally a tribal territory of the Vascones (4th century), Vizcaya was vested in the crown of Castile and Leon in 1379, but the central government has always had difficulties ruling the fiercely independent Basques.

  4. Bay Of Biscay - WorldAtlas

    Bay Of Biscay. Covering an area of 223,000 km 2, the Bay of Biscay is a wide extension of the North Atlantic Ocean that is located on the western coast of Europe. The Bay of Biscay is bounded in the east by France and in the south by Spain. The Celtic Sea lies to the north of the Bay of Biscay.

  5. Biscay's Classic Chevy

    Address: 20937 Old Highway 99 SW #100 Centralia, WA 98531 Map to showroom Contact Phone: 360-273-6520 Fax: 360-273-0360 Customer Cars About Biscay's Classic Chevy Our purchasing philosophy: We buy in volume to get the lowest prices so we can pass the savings on to you.

  6. Bay of Biscay Map – Locations and Maps of Atlantic Ocean

    The Bay of Biscay is part of the North Atlantic Ocean and lies along the western coast of France up to the Spanish border. In English, the sea is named after Biscay, a Spanish province located on the northern coast. Other languages, however, have a different name for the sea.

  7. Masterclass: crossing the Bay of Biscay - Yachting World

    The shortest distance across Biscay without going into the Bay itself is 360 miles from Brest to A Coruña. A vessel heading directly from Falmouth around Finisterre to the Rias can expect to add ...

  8. How to sail Biscay: 3 ways to tackle the milestone

    Beyond Biscay is a diverse coastal cruising ground and the route to the warm waters of the Mediterranean. Will Bruton reveals the best ways to cross this notorious rite of passage Conquering Biscay is truly a rite of passage. Credit: Tor Johnson TAGS: ARC Expert on Board navigation ocean cruising offshore offshore sailing Weather

  9. Durango, Spain - Wikipedia,_Spain

    Official website. Kurutziaga Cross. Durango is a town and municipality of the historical territory and province of Biscay, located in the Basque Country, Spain. It is the main town of Durangaldea, one of the comarcas of Biscay. Because of its economical activities and population, Durango is considered one of the largest towns in Biscay after the ones that compose the conurbation of Greater Bilbao .

  10. Why the Bay of Biscay is Dangerous for Ships? - Marine Insight

    It has been an age-old story dating back to the beginning of the Second World War. Located between France and Spain, the bay has been dangerous and often feared. The German U-boats ruled the Bay and many British and American ships were reported sunk that entered her waters. There were as many as 15,000 casualties and another 5,000 ships that sunk.

  11. Lordship of Biscay - Wikipedia

    The Lordship of Biscay ( Spanish: Señorío de Vizcaya, Basque: Bizkaiko jaurerria) was a region under feudal rule in the region of Biscay in the Iberian Peninsula between c. 1040 and 1876, ruled by a political figure known as the Lord of Biscay.