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  2. Boris Savinkov - Wikipedia

    Boris Viktorovich Savinkov ( Russian: Борис Викторович Савинков; 31 January 1879 – 7 May 1925) was a Russian Empire writer and revolutionary. As one of the leaders of the Fighting Organisation, the paramilitary wing of the Socialist Revolutionary Party, Savinkov was involved in the assassinations of several high-ranking ...

  3. Boris Viktorovich Savinkov | Terrorist, Terrorist Leader ...

    Boris Viktorovich Savinkov, revolutionary who violently opposed both the imperial and the Soviet regimes in Russia. He wrote several pseudonymous novels based on his career as a terrorist. Savinkov joined the Socialist-Revolutionary Party in 1903 and was a leader of its terrorist organization.

  4. Boris Savinkov | The Kaiserreich Wiki | Fandom

    Boris Viktorovich Savinkov is a Russian politician, writer, and former terrorist. As a young man, he joined the Combat Organization of the Socialist Revolutionary Party. His participation in the assassinations of high-ranking Imperial ministers and subsequent writings brought him worldwide fame...

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  5. LibGuides: The SRs and Revolutionary Russia: Key Figures

    Boris Savinkov. Ilya Fondaminsky. One of the founders of the Russian Socialist Revolutionary Party, Chernov was the primary party theoretician of the SRs. Following the February Revolution of 1917, he served as Minister for Agriculture in the Russian Provisional Government and Chairman of the Russian Constituent Assembly.

  6. Boris Savinkov - University of California, Berkeley

    Boris Viktorovich Savinkov (1879-1925) Boris Savinkov was born in Kharkov to a privileged family. In 1897, as a law student at Saint Petersburg State University, he acquired a reputation for being an enthusiastic political activist, a dandy, a ladies' man. Later on, he would succeed in seducing more than a few female members of the Combat ...

  7. Boris Savinkov | Military Wiki | Fandom

    Boris Viktorovich Savinkov (Russian: Бори́с Ви́кторович Са́винков) (19 January 1879 – 7 May 1925) was a Russian writer and revolutionary terrorist. As one of the leaders of the Fighting Organisation of the Socialist Revolutionary Party, he was responsible for the most spectacular assassinations of imperial officials in 1904 and 1905. Later, he became Assistant War ...

  8. Leaders of the Russian Civil War - Wikipedia

    Boris Savinkov Boris Donskoy Left Socialist-Revolutionary Party. Maria Spiridonova Yakov Blumkin Boris Kamkov Mark Natanson # Dmitry Ivanovich Popov Mikhail Artemyevich Muravyov † Prosh Proshian # Kronstadt Uprising. Stepan Petrichenko Alexander Kozlovsky Pavel Vilken

  9. Sidney Reilly - Wikipedia

    In May 1918, Lockhart, Reilly, and various agents of the Allied Powers repeatedly met with Boris Savinkov, head of the counter-revolutionary Union for the Defence of the Motherland and Freedom (UDMF). Savinkov had been Deputy War Minister in the Provisional Government of Alexander Fyodorovich Kerensky, and a key opponent of the Bolsheviks.

  10. Russian Civil War - Wikipedia

    The Left Socialist Revolutionaries, of course, were no longer tolerated as members of the Soviets; from this time the Soviet regime became a pure and undiluted dictatorship of the Communist Party." Similarly, Boris Savinkov's surprise attacks were suppressed, with many of the conspirators being executed, as "Mass Red Terror" became a reality.

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