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  2. Charles Fourier - Wikipedia

    François Marie Charles Fourier (/ ˈ f ʊr i eɪ,-i ər /; French: [ʃaʁl fuʁje]; 7 April 1772 – 10 October 1837) was a French philosopher, an influential early socialist thinker and one of the founders of utopian socialism. Some of Fourier's social and moral views, held to be radical in his lifetime, have become mainstream thinking in ...

  3. Charles Fourier | French philosopher | Britannica

    Charles Fourier, in full François-Marie-Charles Fourier, (born April 7, 1772, Besançon, France—died October 10, 1837, Paris), French social theorist who advocated a reconstruction of society based on communal associations of producers known as phalanges (phalanxes).

  4. Charles Fourier - New World Encyclopedia

    François Marie Charles Fourier (April 7, 1772 – October 10, 1837) was a French utopian socialist and philosopher who advocated a reconstruction of society based on idea that the natural passions of man would, if properly channeled, result in social harmony.

  5. Charles Fourier: The man who coined the term 'feminism' - DW

    Born 250 years ago, on April 7, 1772, in Besancon, France, Charles Fourier was the son of a businessman who didn't want to follow in his father's footsteps but instead wanted to become an...

  6. Fourierism | social reform philosophy | Britannica

    Fourierism, philosophy of social reform developed by the French social theorist Charles Fourier that advocated the transformation of society into self-sufficient, independent “phalanges” (phalanxes).

  7. Fourierism - Wikipedia

    Fourierism(/ˈfʊəriərɪzəm/)[1]is the systematic set of economic, political, and social beliefs first espoused by French intellectual Charles Fourier(1772–1837). Based upon a belief in the inevitability of communal associations of people who worked and lived together as part of the human future, Fourier's committed supporters referred to ...

  8. Charles Fourier Biography - French utopian socialist and...

    Charles Fourier was a French philosopher and social reformer. He is most famous for his theory of the four phases of society, which he believed were the "Asiatic," "Aquatic," "Feminine," and "Industrial." Memorability Metrics 910k Page Views (PV) 72.99 Historical Popularity Index (HPI) 54 Languages Editions (L) 11.20 Effective Languages (L*) 2.69

  9. Charles Fourier was a French socialist who lived from 1772 until 1837 and is credited with being an early Utopian Socialist similar to Robert Owen . He wrote several works related to his socialist ideas which centered on his main idea for society: small communities based on cooperation.

  10. Charles Fourier - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

    François Marie Charles Fourier (Besanzón, 7 de abril de 1772-París, 10 de octubre de 1837) fue un socialista utópico francés de la primera parte del siglo XIX y uno de los padres del cooperativismo. Fourier fue un crítico de la economía y el capitalismo de su época.

  11. Lecture 21: The Utopian Socialists: Charles Fourier (1) - History...

    The Utopian Socialists: Charles Fourier (1) By 1825, European society had undergone several shock waves of change. The transformation was set in motion by two immense revolutions: one set the pace for political change in the 19th century, while the other radically transformed the nature of economic man.