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  1. Christian VIII (18 September 1786 – 20 January 1848) was the King of Denmark from 1839 to 1848 and, as Christian Frederick , King of Norway in 1814.

    Christian VIII of Denmark - Wikipedia
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  3. Christian VIII of Denmark - Wikipedia

    Christian VIII (18 September 1786 – 20 January 1848) was King of Denmark from 1839 to 1848 and, as Christian Frederick, King of Norway in 1814. [1] Christian Frederick was the eldest son of Hereditary Prince Frederick, a younger son of King Frederick V of Denmark and Norway. As his cousin Frederick VI had no sons, Christian Frederick was heir ...

  4. Christian VIII | Reign of Terror, Schleswig-Holstein & Norway

    Christian VIII, in full Christian Frederik, (born Sept. 18, 1786, Copenhagen—died Jan. 20, 1848, Amalienborg, Den.), king of Denmark during the rise of the liberal opposition to absolutism in the first half of the 19th century. While still crown prince of Denmark and recent stadtholder (governor) of Norway, Christian accepted election as king ...

  5. Christian VII of Denmark - Wikipedia

    Oldenburg. Father. Frederick V of Denmark. Mother. Louise of Great Britain. Religion. Lutheran. Christian VII (29 January 1749 – 13 March 1808) was King of Denmark and Norway and Duke of Schleswig and Holstein from 1766 until his death in 1808. For his motto he chose: " Gloria ex amore patriae " ("Glory through love of the fatherland").

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  6. Category:Christian VIII of Denmark - Wikimedia Commons

    Christian VIII of Denmark. English: Christian VIII (18 September 1786 – 20 January 1848) was King of Norway as Christian Frederik from 17 May 1814 until 10 October 1814, and King of Denmark as Christian VIII from 3 December 1839 until 20 January 1848. Dansk: Christian 8 (18. september 1786 – 20. januar 1848) var konge af Norge som Christian ...

  7. House of Oldenburg - Wikipedia

    King Christian I and Queen Dorothy of Denmark started the royal dynasty in 1450 with the birth of their first child 2 rigsdaler – death of Frederik VII and accession of Christian IX marking the transfer of the throne to the Glucksburg branch of the House of Oldenburg [4] Count Elimar I was first mentioned in 1091.

  8. Princess Maria Chiara Denies She's Dating Prince Christian of ...

    Princess Maria Carolina, Prince Christian of Denmark and Princess Maria Chiara at the Monaco Grand Prix in May 2023. ... appear on the balcony of Frederik VIII's Palace. In the evening, the Queen ...

  9. The 67 emeralds featured in the tiara date back to the 1700s; some come from a collection purchased by King Christian VI for his queen, Sophie Magdalene in 1723; others were a part of Princess ...

  10. Reformation - Wikipedia

    Christian II, who ruled the Kalmar Union of Denmark, Sweden, and Norway (r. 1513–1523), was sympathetic towards the Reformation but his despotic methods led to revolts. He was replaced by his uncle Frederick I in Denmark and Norway (r. 1523–1533), and by a local aristocrat Gustav I Vasa in Sweden (r. 1523–1560).

  11. Ove Høegh-Guldberg | Prime Minister, Minister of Finance ...

    Ove Høegh-Guldberg, (born Sept. 1, 1731, Horsens, Den.—died Feb. 7, 1808, Hald), Danish statesman who was a powerful minister during the reign of the mentally unstable king Christian VII. Høegh-Guldberg was of humble background. He earned a theology degree in 1753, and in 1761 became professor of rhetoric at Sorø academy.

  12. Harald I | Viking, Jelling Dynasty, Christianity | Britannica

    Harald I, byname Harald Bluetooth, Danish Harald Blåtand, (born c. 910—died c. 987, “Jumne,” Den.), king of Denmark from c. 958? to c. 985, credited with the first unification of the country. He was the son of Gorm the Old, the first significant figure in a new royal line centred at Jelling (North Jutland).